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Did you say FOOD!?

A gallery refresher from the Myre universe. What could be better than Lutz himself? I miss this goofy sunshine.

In case you missed it on my social media platforms, today's my second of three free days since January, after reaching page 57 of the linework for Myre 2. That's exactly 33,33% of the book done in intricate lineart!
The next volume will take most of the time in the painting process. But until then, I'll happily work on the lineart and the construction of the panels, preparing them to bring them to life soon.

I'm in the process of posting the first 20 completed paintings of Myre Vol 2 on Patreon!
Every month, I'll have one new page up, despite me working rigorously on the lineart. Including steps and high resolution panels.
Every bit helps, and I try my best to give back as much as I can. <3


Find me on Twitter:

I hope you're doing well!
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Oh my god he's the CUTEST. And that pose, the twist! So good, great work.