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Deep Thoughts and MYRE 2 LAUNCH

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Hello friends,

It's been a very busy week and I feel very sorry for leaving you in the dark with all the news.
To help you catch up with everything regarding Myre, I'm making this post right here. Four days ago, I announced the launching date for my Myre 2 campaign on Indiegogo but realised that I had to make the decision to postpone the launch.

I am really sorry for my silence and for breaking the Myre train with the BLM topic to show solidarity with the ongoing situation in the US. 

I've spent the entire past two days consulting peers and friends and didn't have the strength left to spread my thoughts further to get you informed about what has been moving me.
After a night's sleep over the entire situation, I made the decision to postpone the campaign of Myre 2 to the 1st of July

Yesterday was not a good time to make a full decision since I felt torn between two worlds and everything came crushing down at once. 

My voice is important now and I feel it's not the right time and place to self promote.
There are way more important matters to put focus on right now during these hectic times.
And I do hope for the best for everyone who is out there standing against injustice. 

What is more: I don't want to risk to try to take away the focus from more important matters with my works, while I currently also focus on solidarity.
It would intermingle with my project way too much also.  I have put too much love and effort into bringing it to what it is, and I want to invite you to this journey during a more healing time.

Besides, I made the decision for personal reasons also. I'm slightly burnt out. My soul hasn't had the chance to catch up. A day after the planned launching, my partner, whom I haven't seen for four months, would arrive to spend a week with us.
I would never have the full time for him while maintaining a running campaign. He was prepared for it in a selfless way.
So my decision to care for the communities and show my support is also one that will give me a chance to come to a rest for a short time, then start strong to make Myre an even better experience.
In the meantime, I will rest my mind and update you with more artwork soon.

Thank you so much for understanding. <3
In case you missed it. I am currently collecting funds which I will donate 100% to Black Table Arts for Black Communities as well as the George Floyd Family. If you can spread my post on Twitter further, it would be a great help!
You can get 4 high resolution Plant Spirit Wallpapers vis my Gumroad link:

Watch the timelapse process of this painting on YouTube:…

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I'd say your picture's a good visual representation of what your mind's like. So much going on, little to no idea what to do or how to handle it, fear for the future. Take the time you need. We're all shocked at the events in the USA at present, and the Covid-19 lockdown isn't making things any easier.

As for Myre, whenever Volume 2 arrives, I look forward to it, and to seeing what you ave for us. We all need a break.

Stay safe, and art on.

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Amazing work!

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Can you make her BOOBS alot more bigger!
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Awesome work! Take care! :heart:

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Take care of yourself.

Awesome art.

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Take care of yourself and I can't wait.

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Take care of you.... :heart:

Awesome art by the way !

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Thank you so much <3 Take care too!

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