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Ancient Friendship

Here is another illustration commission for the second Wanderer of Yrian Plain contributor of my HoD campaign. I was working very closely with the commissioner, Siberia Gravity, who gave me a great deal of freedom when it came to the designs!

And despite the unusual design of the characters, we played with many possibilities to implement the idea, fitting into the world of Yria in form of a lore. While this scene might not have come from a real event, stories and myths by Yrians can portray epic happenings to bring across education, or simply enjoy getting their mind taken away from reality. Ancient and Agita have always been friends. As mount and rider, they both share a very close connection to one another. As one part of their story on Yria, they both rescue saplings from Yrian grounds which are breaking apart.

In a world so shook by historical events such as the conflagration by the Ylducian, a heroic rider with his enormous mechanic mount is saving saplings from their imminent demise, thus painting a picture that Yrians love to indulge into.

Thanks for looking!

Characters belong to: Siberia-Gravity

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the robotic beast reminds me of A.X.L. (movie on Netflix I think)
Remindes me of A.X.L, pretty good movie.
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Awesome there's so much detail!

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As always, stunning work! :) Love the motion of this.

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Thank you so much, dear Kovo!
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my pleasure <3

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They both look awesomely designed. I love the amount of detail and how there is like a seat on top of the big dude and like a barrier looking field around it. Plus I love their story too.
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Thank you so much! :D
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No problem! It sounds like a great story in itself!
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That's the most badass design I have ever seen right there and so much details on that mechanical wolf too. :D
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Thank you so much!
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You're very much welcome. :D
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Good morning, So So Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!+fav+fav+fav+fav+fav+fav.             
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Like the giant mecha-wolf.
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I am so faving this because this is well detailed and really really epic
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