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MYRE is finally open for orders! by AlectorFencer, visual art

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Through the lands by AlectorFencer, visual art

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Vvlkn by AlectorFencer, visual art

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Summer Rain by AlectorFencer, visual art

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In Quietness by AlectorFencer, visual art

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In her 12 years as a deviant, AlectorFencer has strived to better herself as an artist, while providing inspiration and encouragement to the DeviantArt community. It’s easy to lose yourself in her magical gallery of fantastic creatures and experience the vastness of her imagination and talent. Through the support of a successful crowdfunding campaign, she was recently able to bring to life her graphic novel series “Myre,” which is available now on her profile. AlectorFencer’s unmistakable talent, kind soul, and devotion to the community, make her the ideal recipient of the August 2017 Deviousness award.
Awarded Aug 2017
Hi, everyone! I am so sorry for my lack of activity on social media for the past several months, and throughout the entirety of the year... Never did I expect my year to become the turmoil it was, and still partially is. This is going to be a bit of a wall of text, but it encompasses the most important reasons for my lack of online activity. You can find the update in this public post here (It's free): Thank you for everything!
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In Memoriam

4 min read
Hey everyone, I'm normally not very open about my private life, keeping both sides, the art and life, separated fromt he public. But since I cherish this community for the immense support you've given me throughoutt the years, I feel the urge to keep you up to date with the things that have an impact on my life. It's especially important to me to update you with this as to not leave you in the dark, wondering why things are moving so slowly. On July 20th, I received the shocking phone call that my father had taken his own life. There were no immediate indications for his decision. He was a strong, healthy, successful man with joyful prospects and big plans in his life. He was a great musician, well versed with the piano and acoustic guitar, and a wonderful singer. And he was a sports man, lifting heavy, running fast and cycling for miles, almost daily. The entire town knew and cherished his company. Even the day before his decision, my siblings and he went out for a swim and ice
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Hi, everyone! Since the lastLivestream went so wonderfully well, I was invited by Behance UK to do a livestream with them tomorrow! If you can, join us and ask any questions related to Myre or art! :> When? 28th of June (Monday) 12:40 (MEST) Where? For the replay, follow: In case you can't make it to the livestream. I'm looking forward to seeing you there! Language: English Adobe is capable of peeling me out of my art cave and be around other people. :') All the love! I hope you've been doing well.
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your art is so freakin detailed, i am shook. *claps*

Heads up!

This person is stealing your art!


Someone stole your work

Myre 2   Kurrukh By Alectorfencer De0fbac-pre

hallo ich LIEBEEEEEE deinen art style, ich habe auch dein Tutorial gesehen und es war einf mega!

Love your arts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. Do you taking requests?