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Singularity - Apr 2011 - 1.0

By alecive
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This theme comes with:

  • installation script to quickly configure conky, and install gtk theme and background wallpaper image

  • awn theme

  • gnome-panel background image

  • custom start page

Theme description is in the screenshot. For further info, check the README file in the downloadable archive.

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and what about G 3.6?
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I'm sorry, but I temporarily dropped any theme development because gnome developers are getting me crazy about theming since they're messing up with the system quite rapidly and I cannot be up to date with their mess. I decided to wait for a more stable release cycle (mabye, 3.10 version coming up in September, 2013).
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It will be too for ubuntu (12.04) ?? or not ?? :( -> I still searching for good fully white theme, but this is the best what i find.
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As I said in my blog post, I will probably upate it for Ubuntu 12.10 :)
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This looks awesome! Great work. :-)
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Wow~ great!!
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Holy sh*t! The prettiest theme on Earth! :wow:
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Many many many thanks mate! :)
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Wow, that is really amazing.
Is it possible to use this theme with Unity in Ubuntu 11.04 ?
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It's possible, but this theme is not born to fit unity. As you can see, there's only a top panel and a bottom dock, so do get it work with unity I think you have to do some tweaks.. Maybe in future I'll update all my themes to fit Ubuntu Unity, but for now I'm too busy with real work.. :(
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This theme just maybe what I'm looking 4,..
if I can make it have just a splice of window (efl) tint 2D or even 3D I beleave this will B the theme that i've been surching 4 at around 3 yrs now, just haven't been able 2 please myself yet with my own, U know,..Grass is allways greeneron the other side right,
Pluss this looks pretty Green 2 me!!
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Sorry but my little knowledge of english doesn't let me to fully understand what you ment; could you please explain yourself in a more plain way?

thanks! :)
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Thank. Nice work.
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Thanks mate! :)
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