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Gray Revenge - 1.7




Because every detail matters.

GrayRevenge is a complete suite for GNOME 3.4. It comes with GTK2, GTK3, Metacity, Unity, Gnome-shell, Cinnamon, Xfwm themes. Slick, fast, and elegant.

WARNING: this theme works for GNOME3.4 / Ubuntu 12.04 users, but it will not work for previous versions of GNOME or Ubuntu.

All the credits to minteastwood [link] for XFWM theme. Thanks to satya164 [link] and its Orion theme for made me able to understand new GNOME 3.4 theming and release this suite.


Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ""



Font in the preview: Alte Haas Grotesk

Gnome-shell font: Aller


Installation instructions and more informations are provided in the README pdf file.


UPDATE 09-05-12:
  • Fixed another bug in XFCE panel theming (thanks to minteastwood and mattux!)

  • Solved a bug in gnome fallback session (with effects) (thanks to Shrijit Nair!)

UPDATE 08-05-12:
  • Added XFCE panel theming (thanks to minteastwood!)

UPDATE 05-05-12:
  • Porting to GNOME 3.4

  • Added Unity, Gnome-shell, Xfwm, Cinnamon themes

  • Modified Metacity theme

UPDATE 01-03-11:
  • Added two new Metacity themes with a redish close button (one with title text displayed, the other without the text), as you can see in screenshot

  • Updated README pdf file

  • Exploited the new 1.9 Version of AwOken icon theme to find the best color to match Gray Revenge theme: gnome-panel icons and AWN icons are the clear version, but other icons are AwOken icons colored with the combination 55/50/50

  • Added Gnome-Terminal theme to get the same terminal as in first screenshot

  • Solved bug in 1280x800 background (it didn't have gaussian blur in the panel)

UPDATE 13-02-11:
  • Added background for 1920x1200 screens (.png and .xcf format)

  • Corrected bug in conky calendar python script related to the month of February

UPDATE 05-02-11:
  • Added backgrounds for 1280x1024, 1440x900, and 1600x900 screens (.png and .xcf format)

UPDATE 25-01-11:
  • Added backgrounds for 1024x600, 1280x800, and 1920x1080 screens (.png and .xcf format)


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I like this theme very much, but I could use some more gray and darkness. For the record, I'm on
Debian 7.1, xfce4.8, setup to look like gnome 2.
I used the following colors in
gtk_color_scheme = "bg_color:#16191a\nselected_bg_color:#7c8086\nbase_color:#333333"
gtk_color_scheme = "fg_color:#eaeaea\nselected_fg_color:#FFFFFF\ntext_color:#EAEAEA"
gtk_color_scheme = "tooltip_bg_color:#333333\ntooltip_fg_color:#EDEDED"
gtk_color_scheme = "link_color:#2677CB"                           
gtk_color_scheme = "dark_bg_color:#353535\ndark_fg_color:#EAEAEA"
and changed a bit of
    fg[NORMAL]    = shade (0.9, Dark_fg_color)
    fg[PRELIGHT]    = Dark_fg_color
    fg[ACTIVE]    = shade (0.9, Dark_fg_color)
    fg[SELECTED]    = shade (0.9, Dark_fg_color)
PS: in gtk2.0/gtkrc find the row starting with 'style "treeview" {' and add after it:
    text[NORMAL]      = text_color
    text[PRELIGHT]    = text_color
    text[SELECTED]    = Selected_fg_color
    text[INSENSITIVE] = shade (0.8, bg_color)
    text[ACTIVE]      = darker (text_color)
In thunar-vcs-plugin the gtktreeview list that shows the files becomes unreadable and does not honor global text color.