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July 9, 2011
A New Start - 1.2 by ~alecive This pack is full of nice stuff for your desktop – GTK2, AWN, CoverGloobus and conky themes.
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A New Start - 1.3


If you like my work, please consider a donation via PayPal to ""


ANewStart suite is a slick, clear theme for GNOME desktop environment.
It's designed to work under Gnome-Shell, Gnome-Fallback and Unity. For Unity and Gnome-Fallback mode, please read the README file inside the pack.

This themes comes also with: AWN Theme, CoverGloobus Theme, Conky files, Firefox Startpage (a modified version of startpage by =Folter-x),Gnome-panel (and AWN) background images. Unfortunately, since 1.3 version these themes are not fully supported, since for compatibility reasons with GNOME3 they became quite useless or unusable.

Other informations:


  • GTK3 -> Unico GTK3 engine version 1.0.1 or later (only if you're using Gnome 3 or GTK3 applications).

  • GTK2 -> Murrine GTK2 engine or later


Version 1.3 (09-12-11)

  • Added GTK3 and Gnome-Shell Theme

  • Added Unity support; there is also a "Unity tweak" folder with images you can use to beautify your Unity experience (simple instructions are in the README pdf file).

  • Revision of the Metacity theme (no rounded corner in fullscreen mode, edges removal in full-screen mode, revision of minor stuff)

  • Revision of the GTK2 theme (now it's slick and more integrated with the overall look&feel)

  • All old files and customizations (AWN, CoverGloobus, Conky, etc) are now in "OLD" folder

Version 1.2 (13-03-11)

  • Added installation script to easily install and configure conky files, fonts and GTK theme

  • Added coverGloobus theme (a porting from Samurize theme by bernardinho)

  • Refresh of the GTK theme, now more clear and with a lot of improvements!

  • Updated Conky files: conky no more use hidden launchers, but adesk script by ADcomp, so simply clicking in one of those three windows, will popup another window with further informations (weather forecast, cpu load, to-do list), that automatically fades out in 10 seconds)

  • Updated README file with all the necessary to install this theme

  • Added "Font" folder to provide all fonts required for this theme

  • Updated AWN Theme

Version 1.1

  • Uploaded AWN Theme with different background images to meet all resolutions

  • GTK Theme: solved the issue with dropdown menu (as in the top-right part of nautilus window) - thanks to viniciuszeratul!

  • Panel background images: added 2560, 1920, 1366 panel background images

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luodawangzl's avatar
is there a dark version??
alecive's avatar
No, I'm sorry. Moreover, this theme is not updated for the newest versions of gnome. Maybe I will, in future, but unfortunately now I don't have enough time :(
nicolasboisvert's avatar
Hi, your theme is pretty awesome ! But i have some issues regarding the theme. I'm using Fedora 18, I installed all the extracted package into ~/.themes and used gnome-tweak-tool to set them. But only the Shell theme and the GTK theme works, the windows manager isn't changing, and if I restart by entering "r" in alt-F2, the shell restart but the window manager reset to "Simple" which is pretty ugly. I read the README but it didn't help me ... So if you could do anything, i'll be thankful!
alecive's avatar
Hello. As I said in my last journal entry, I dropped development (and support) for any gtk/wm theme I created, since gnome developers are messing around with latest releases and I don't have neither enough time nor the enough willingness to stay up-to-date with their playground and completely redesign my theme from scratch since their API broke the old one. I will start again in the moment in which gnome theming API will be more stable (hopefully, with 3.10 release in next september we will see something good :) ).

Regarding your issue, ANewStart is released for gnome 3.4, so it doesn't fit the recent gnome 3.8 that ships with fedora 18. Not only the wm, but also the gtk theme itself doesn't behave like I planned it to! I'm thankful for your appreciation regarding the theme, but unfortunately I cannot help any more. And it's not my fault! :(
jacodragon's avatar
Can you update to Ubuntu 12.04? please, i like this because is wonderfull!!!
alecive's avatar
I'm sorry, I'm not even able to update it for ubuntu 12.10. I will surely do it for 13.04!
451farenheit's avatar
Hi there!

Awesome staff! I was pretty happy with adwaita but man... after seeing your work I had to switch finally.
I just have a little problem after following your instructions. in nautilus and gnome panels the text shows in white, so I don't read anything with the light background. How can I change the font color?
alecive's avatar
On what version of gnome are you running the theme? Remember that this theme doesn't work on Gnome 3.4
benrr101's avatar
I managed to fix it by modifying the gtk-widgets.css file in the gtk-3.0 folder. Adding the line color: @theme_text_color; inside the * selector (like third line down). This makes everything that doesn't have a text color assigned use the theme's text color. Fixed all the white text.
hammer85's avatar
Hey mate, can you forward the modified css file. I am using Mint 14 & having same problem as you. Appreciated.
451farenheit's avatar
BTW, I use fedora 17 and gnome-shell 3.4 and nautilus 3.4 (in case it matters)
nhimchanborey's avatar
Is it for Windows?
alecive's avatar
nhimchanborey's avatar
Make it real please !
arlettechambers's avatar
I love it <3 downloading...
alecive's avatar
Thank you!

BTW stay tuned with it, I'm going to release a new updated version! :)
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