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Kataang family bits

Warning 1: HUGE file!
Warning 2: this is cheesy. xD

This whole Korra thing is overwhelming; and the more I think of it, the more I realise that Aang won't be there... and this makes me feel sad ç___ç
I don't think that we'll have many chances of seeing Aang and Katara's family life, so I felt like doing a bunch of random "missing moments" :aww: Beware for some massive Kataang and "cloudbabies"! :giggle:
I don't know how Kya, Bumi and Tenzin looked like when they were kids, so I made them up ^^
Sorry if some of them are not much accurate, I just drew in a rush what I had in my mind :)

I'm tempted to do more of these: now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :love: And mommy!Katara is just so beautiful!

Hope you like it!
...and I hope you like cheese :XD:

EDIT: Holy cow!! You guys do like cheese!! :'DD

EDIT 2: Friendly reminder that in 2012 we didn't know who the eldest child was... and I guess I picked the wrong one back then :D Sorry, Bumi!
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Why do people consistently make Kya the oldest?

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Back in 2012, when we first heard about their kids, we didn’t know who was the oldest, but Kya’s name was the first mentioned... I guess that’s the reason. Of course the actual series revealed the correct order of birth

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Papayas, huh..
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THESE ARE ADORABLE!!!! I do wish we could have seen Aang and Katara's family through the years and their children would have been adorable to see. 
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Nothing like the bliss of family life and a reconciliation with papaya. Great work! 
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Katara looks scary when she's pregnant. And Aang looks terrified.
Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman whose cravings are not being satisfied.
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I'm glad I'm not pregnant :XD: I don't want kids lol
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I love these, they're so cute. Well done!
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Water bender + avatar bender =?????
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Soooo cute!!! 😊 
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You have such an expressive style!
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wait was'n Boomy the older of the ang's kids?
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Nope, he's the middle child. :)
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Aww! Too cute and hilarious at the same time!
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Zuko: Aang what are you doing hiding over there?

Aang: SHHH if Katara asks my not here.

Zuko: Ok

Aang: So she tells me where having a baby and, I'm like oh thats wonder I'm gonna cry-

Zuko: Dont remember asking but-

Aang: Everyday she just wants to eat, sleep and find something to bash me with and GOD HELP ME IF THERES NO PAPAYA AROUND!!!!

Zuko: Ok, i get that. but why come to to my kingdom and hide under my seat?

Aang: Cause this is the last place she ever think to look.

Katara kicks the door open like an earth bender Aang moves like air back to his spot. begging Zuko not to rat him out under the seat. Zuko refocus on Katara.

Zuko: Hey Katara you look absolutely-

Katara: SHUT IT!!!

Zuko: ok

Katara: WHERE!

Zuko points to the chair, aang makes a break for it but Katara bends a water collar around his neck and pulls him back into submission. As she drags him out of the place Aang looks at Zuko.

Zuko: I'm so sorry Aang. and waves goodbye.
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Ooh dude this is genius. I need to draw this, this is just too funny.
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