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Bumi II

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...and after that, Bumi stopped asking questions. :XD:

When I first saw the official Kataang family tree I was kinda surprised when I looked at their second child Bumi... both for the name and for his aspect! XD Then this comic popped out in my mind and couldn't help but drawing it! :giggle:
Spread the love for the canon cloudbabies! :love:

I admit, I got a bit lazy with the colouring ;P I was just tired of working on this - unfortunately I'm a bit incostant when I work on my comic pages - and wanted to finish it as soon as possible! xD

This may count as a "Kataang family bit", right? :giggle: I'll say!
(by the way, I'm still amazed by the great appreciation that piece received! *__*)

Hope you like it!

*Please, if you see any mistakes in the dialogues, feel free to correct my English ... it's not my mothertongue ç__ç

** And no, I DON'T believe Bumi is Amon!! ò____o
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Don't let his looks deceive you, Bumi. He was the most powerful Earthbender in the world (besides your Aunt Toph, of course.)

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This is awesome.

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rayray200Student Artist
Poor Bumi. 😂
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MegaAnimeFreak7Hobbyist Digital Artist
LMAO The Flameo instant noodles I CANT XD
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SonmenkaStudent Traditional Artist
you should have seen him fight XD
HornedBeetle214's avatar
HornedBeetle214Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The kings looks like Andross from Star Fox
Yggdrasillion's avatar
YggdrasillionHobbyist General Artist
well, shit. never thought about that lol.
D4RKPH0N1X's avatar
What is this modern house ass house they living in? I thought they supposed to be living it the time before any of this.
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AlecchaProfessional Digital Artist
What's the point in being so rude? It's not like I'm the official creator or something, this is just a personal interpretation with no expectations.
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Lol! Too funny!
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that was priceless 
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Shadow-HedgiHobbyist General Artist
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Don't knock it, kid. Bumi was as crazy as you can get but he was also a great ruler and an even greater warrior. The fact that he was old and at least as nuts as Zuko's sister shouldn't matter to you!
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miximmaximHobbyist Digital Artist
Now I look at this again after watching Korra, Bumi does look like Bumi the earth king
Peter-117's avatar
Handsome? No but definetly fierce!
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keys54321Hobbyist General Artist
At least King Bumi is funny, tactical, talented, powerful and smart and an astounding bender. 
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What I wonder is why didn't he name Bumi, Gyatso instead... or like Bumi's full name would be Bumi-Gyatso or his middle name would be Gyatso or Bumi.
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transformers-ebooksHobbyist Digital Artist
'flameo insant noodles' omfg im dying of laughter help
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wolfie356Student Digital Artist
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MEW-RYEHobbyist General Artist
That picture of bumi is same, i would sign lettuce leaf and a heart on everything
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Wait till he hears of his accomplishments.
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