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High and low, the moon
drives the ocean's ebb and flow,
the waves shape the land.
Can so little a poem capture the massive implacability of nature?

My entry for ~akarra's haiku contest, with the theme of nature

Find out more here: [link]
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Congratulations on winning the contest. Nice job!
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Thank you very much!
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Thank you, Brendan, for including my poem among a very interesting selection :nod:
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Not only good imagery, also goo rhythm. Well done!
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Thank you very much!
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I'll check up on you to see what you've done.
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So few words, written so perfectly.
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Thank you very much :love:
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And who can contend with nature? I like how you manage to capture the ambivalence of nature in such a short space: it's at once soothing (ebb and flow), and then also rather unsettling ('shaping the land' has more than a hint of potential menace)! A difficult balance to have wrought with such brevity, I'd imagine, but you make it look effortless.
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Thank you, Jamie. As we know successful art must always appear effortless, no matter how much effort it takes!
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as you shape the words...
This is awesome.. :heart:
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contrary to the song - [link]
how high the water
how low the moon

LP & MF, first to do multi-track recordings.
he, i believe, invented the electric guitar.
this, still is, one of my favorites.

thanks for the reintroduction, Alec, with
your beautifully evolution laden haiku.

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Almost every important guitarist in the world went to NY state for LP's 90th birthday, I believe!
I'm pleased you liked the haiku :nod:
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I find it quite fascinating how the moon can control the water on Earth. There is something almost divine in that

Tidal is a very interesting poem in that way, and I like its ending.
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Thank you. The force of gravity is indeed mysterious!
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Yes it is. Good luck in the contest!
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