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Hey guys!

So as usual, I'm involved with AVCon, and this year I'm going to be dragging myself away from video games a bit!

I will be sharing a table in Artists' Alley with :iconrosiecoleman: and I don't know what came over me, but I offered to run a panel on basic watercolour techniques on Saturday morning.

I think I only had the guts to put in a proposal because I thought an actual anime-drawing panel would get picked over my proposed panel. Well, whoops, look at that, I got picked by virtue of a looming print deadline.

So if you have any questions for such a panel, or any art you think would be handy to include in my slides, please let me know. I'll be giving artists full credit, of course! I'm actually kinda interested to do a comparison between copics and watercolours, as being an anime con I expect a number of people will be quite interested in Copics. Anyone want to lend me some Copics? ._.

Apart from the panel, I'll be doing portraits along the lines of alecat.deviantart.com/art/Port… and I also hope to get some prints or other stuff ready too. Provided I can get myself organised... yeah right!
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a table in the artist alley? >.< kyaa!
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Adelaide's not big, so a table in Artists' Alley isn't a huge thing... I don't think... maybe I'll be proven wrong!
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that may be so, but still. even if sharing a table, still on a table no matter which location. and then figuring out on future tables and locations etc... >.<