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I am on tumblr now!
Well I have been on tumblr for about a year, but now that I have worked out how to get my Wordpress blog to crosspost content it may actually be worth following.

Almost all content is from my blog which can be found here:
Some of the older stuff hasn't been pulled across so it's definitely worth visiting my blog if you want to see everything I get up to! For new stuff, content should automatically get posted to tumblr so you can follow me there if you like.
Just a post to say, "Hey, I'm still alive".
Want to know what I've been up to? Check out my blog! I've just spent the month of August updating it with a bunch of art and projects from over the last year. Here's the run-down.

Wednesdays: Pieces from Life Drawing classes

Thursdays: Crafts and construction

Fridays: Duck photos (I got stuck thinking of something to put up for Fridays...)

Saturdays: Walkthroughs

Sundays: Recipes. Since I keep losing track of my recipes, I put some of them together so I could refer back to them later.

Mondays: Digital Art. (Well, that was the plan. Just became "whatever art", much like Tuesdays drifted away from being watercolours)

Tuesdays: Watercolours (Ended up being more along the "sketches and scribbles" vein)
Hey guys!

So as usual, I'm involved with AVCon, and this year I'm going to be dragging myself away from video games a bit!

I will be sharing a table in Artists' Alley with :iconrosiecoleman: and I don't know what came over me, but I offered to run a panel on basic watercolour techniques on Saturday morning.

I think I only had the guts to put in a proposal because I thought an actual anime-drawing panel would get picked over my proposed panel. Well, whoops, look at that, I got picked by virtue of a looming print deadline.

So if you have any questions for such a panel, or any art you think would be handy to include in my slides, please let me know. I'll be giving artists full credit, of course! I'm actually kinda interested to do a comparison between copics and watercolours, as being an anime con I expect a number of people will be quite interested in Copics. Anyone want to lend me some Copics? ._.

Apart from the panel, I'll be doing portraits along the lines of… and I also hope to get some prints or other stuff ready too. Provided I can get myself organised... yeah right!
Hey guys,
I know I'm hardly around here but if anyone at all cares about what I'm doing, I update a teensy more frequently on my new blog:

Brief rundown of what I'm doing:
Working at Internode, an SA based internet service provider. Programming.
Started evening drawing classes at the Adelaide Central School of Art.
Graduated. Finally got the damned piece of paper to say that I'm a computer systems engineer today. Worth it? Meh.

Stuff. See you around.
Hey all,

I got a new computer and am starting to do art on it, which gives me a new opportunity to tackle a problem that always rears its ugly head: how do I sort my art? Should I separate images by when they're drawn, or the style of art? Obviously a project will get a folder of its own, but then do I split it up within the folder? When I save images into a simple format for uploading to the web, do I put them in yet another folder? Do I bother keeping them on my computer at all? (Considering there'll be a version online and I have the original .psd or whatever file.) But then what if I want to keep track of WIP pieces?

It's all so confusing! So tell me guys, how do/would you do it?
Wow. I haven't been here in over two years. Crazy how the time seems to fly and trudge along at the same time.

Over the next week or so I hope to start uploading the art I've done in that two year break. Maybe I'll even start snooping around to catch up with what's been going on around these parts...
I'm not really back. I just thought I better say hello again.

I've wiped the thousand or so messages that I amassed while I was away. I've been through some people's galleries, but not others. If you want me to look around yours, poke me!

I said that I'd do the sketches and the pimping but really, my heart's not in it. Sorry, but you won't be seeing that at the moment.

So, while I was away, I joined ComicSpace and uploaded stuff there. The GIHS comic is old, but there's a page of Kyari's Kingdom and a three-page thingy that are probably going to remain exclusive-ish to my ComicSpace page.

While we were in America I got a lot of sketching done. In fact, I've been doing a lot of sketching but not much polished art lately. I'll upload some stuff if I can.

I still <3 you folks. I'm just stuck between procrastinating and work and blah.
I've been pretty silent, but I have been alive and I'm ready to report on what's going on!

Well, 2006 is coming to a close, and looking back on a year of art, I'm pretty pleased with what I've done. What about you guys? Found a new style? Made huge progress?

Also, with exams and various other stuff, I managed to miss the fact that I got 9000 hits. So a big thanks to all of you out there! Maybe I'll do something to celebrate at 10,000. But you know me, whenever I say something, I don't actually do it. Eh.

Quilth totally pimped me out, (yo) and so I have to do the same! I'll look through the galleries of the first 10 people to post here and pick out my favourite pictures. Then they have to do the same!

I also have another dA community thing to do, left over from my very old journal. The Sketches meme! I got 4 requests and only did 1. Well, I hope to finish those up some time. There are 6 slots left for that, so if you want one, then make a claim!

And 100. I Did a couple weeks of solid work on the List, but then let it go... I hope to get back to it eventually. See my progress here:
I like what's there so far, because it's incredibly profound, random and a little bit humourous. Tell me what you think, if ye like it.

And that's all... I think. Hope you all had a great Yule, and all the best wishes for 2007.

Hey, We all know the deal. I'm claiming a sketch from the awesome :iconpoinko: and now you can claim one from me.

First 10 people to reply (not sure if there will be 10, hrm) get a sketch by me, just give me a link to a description or reference. Then you have to offer the same in your journal!

Ask away!

(Oh, and I said I wouldn't plug my progress with the <a href=">List, but I lied.)

Just updating, hey. I had a slight art slump lately, but I've also been working on that list of 100 things, you've seen it around, right?

You can see my progress here

I won't bother you with anymore updates for that until it's all done.

On other fronts, I want to get down to some realism. Or something closer to it than the cartoons I've been doing lately. Unfortunately, I don't really have the time... I don't like to break up time spent on picture, especially a digital one. Actually, I feel like a bit of portraiture... hrm.

Lastly, I'm playing around with my avatar and what I want to use. So if you don't recognise me around, well, go me. :D
While I'm not yet ready to get Da Capo out there, I do want to find a place to host it. I know my brother probably doesn't want the traffic through his site, however small... and I don't want to have to update the pages manually or install some updater script on his server. (I have no idea how, for starters >__> )

So... I know of Comic Genesis (Keenspace) and uh... that's it. Anyone have suggestions or comments about their experiences with hosts? It'll all be greatly appreciated!
With exams and study, I managed to accumulate over 300 messages... and while I feel really guilty about doing this I know that I'll just continue to put off a return to this place if I don't clear them.

And I honestly don't have the patience to go through each. So I've just trashed them all. I could sugar coat that, but really, that's what I've done. I'm really sorry for not being around, and I will hopefully get to each of your galleries in time.

Meanwhile, I might actually upload some more art! Hurrah!
I finally joined. Hurrah! They're a great community that I've been watching for a while now. Go check 'em out.

Oh whoa. I passed 6000 pageviews.

Thankyou, thankyou all for the support and the random visits. I know I'm really slack sometimes or just disappear for days on end. But hey, it's never anything to be worried about.

I think I've fixed the problem that I had with Animal Crossing; no more weeds! Mario Kart DS looks really fun and I'm increasingly disappointed that they were out of stock the day I bought my DS. I'll probably find it easily somewhere else... oooh.

Rae, Rae... I think I'm starting to understand that perhaps her travels will be more like that of Lancaster the Ghost Detective than a band of merry main characters. I suppose it makes sense; she is a travelling musician. Bard. Minstrel. Troubadour. (I'm not sure what she'll call herself, but eh...)

This, however, does not mean that I get a cop-out on characters. Seeing Poink develop Lancaster may have a hand in the way I learn this; he puts a lot of thought into every character that appears and eh, I'd like to be like that. But then, even with all this talk about the comic don't expect it any time soon. I still have to shape the world around her and decide how much research I really want to do...

I realised I have one deviation with Rae in it here, but she's the "default" character that I draw when I'm bored. I'll have to upload some pics of her, along with the promised pics of her bow.

Lastly, I put up a logo for Rae's comic, but hey, I'm still indecisive about the name. What do you guys think about "Da Capo"? It's an Italian word used in music to mean "From the Beginning" (and is usually paired with the words "Al Fine"; to the word "Fine").
I got a DS! And I have Animal Crossing! I would have preferred Mario Kart, but this is really fun. Anyway, my friend code is 2749-4389-1371 and I'm Ale living in Morgen. (Yay random dictionary word!)

Hope to see you around... :D

[Editfulness] Okay, I've had the game two days and I've already screwed up... I noticed that I had the clock set a year back, so I fixed it. Then, I checked the game... and there were logically, weeds everywhere. Horrified, I set the year back and did the closest thing to fixing it without abandoning the folks; I set the year back and put the day forward.

However... fearing a lecture from Mr. Resetti, I saved it. And so, my two-day-old town is covered in weeds, and I'm here, a-cryin'. So, uh, hey, come 'round some time and help me clean up ;).
Well, having sworn that I would never let my inbox surpass 50 messages, I had to tend to over 100 new messages yesterday. I keep telling myself to not let this happen; but I usually like to reserve time to actually reply or something. I am only thankful that I didn't let it run into the thousands, or something o_o

So yeah, if you're on my watchlist, I've looked at your art and your journals... if you're a writer, I'll reserve time later to read...

I think my sleep schedule confused my muses. They know I like doing stuff in the wee hours of the morning but this can stuff them up completely. Poor guys. But I found a sketch that I did a while ago for zaiq's Christmas trade, so maybe I'll clean that up and finally give it to her. Hurrah!

I've been experimenting with celtic knotwork, some of which can be seen on my new website: perhaps I'll join that dA group called The Knotters. hrm.

Oh, and I'm an awful collab partner. Especially when it requires thinking on my part.

Anyway, that's my stuff and life and stuff as it is right now, throw together in an unorganised jumble. I may have something to upload later.
Hope you all had a good Christmas!

Inspiration is low at the moment, there are pics I wanted and needed to do for Christmas *looks sadly at zaiq* and just didn't feel like... or couldn't... I hope to get back to them and finish them soon, though! I hate art blocks.

I really want to do some art... I said I would but heh. I'm not the most reliable person. I suppose I'm just subject to the whims of my "muses". *sigh*

I suppse this post is just to say "I'm Alive!" I've not done much checking here or whatever, but I do try to look at every picture of peoples on my watchlist. Lazy, lazy. I won't have much of a chance to do nothing for ages after this, I suppose, so sitting back and relaxing is... relaxing.

My sister's in town. It's good to have her back after two years. She and her husband were in Canada working on a 3D movie to be distributed by Disney; I don't know if I'm allowed to say what it is or called. It'll be out next April, I think. Soon the two'll be in America for new work. They won't be back for at least another two years... maybe a holiday in between? I don't know. Each of them has found work with very famous companies. Again, I dunno how much I'm allowed to say, though I'm sure mentioning names won't be a problem they haven't been too specific on their own blog. Besides, it's their work and their lives.

:iconinfinitesimal-speck: and I are milling over ideas to do a collaborative webcomic in our free time. Nothing really promising yet... but we'll get there.

Anyway, see you around. Maybe I'll get some little sketches up or something, but I reaaallly want to do some nice digital painting again. I feel like I can't do it anymore, in a way. ARRRGH! Oh, wait. <3.
Season's Greetings, guys. Christmas has appeared so soon, I was going to paint cards or something a couple of months ago, and now it's into December! Maybe I should start thinking on them for next year... haha.

Oh, and I'm approaching 4000 hits. Catch my 4000th pageview, and I'll do a request... some kind of Kiriban, if you will.

Back from my beach holiday... with 113 messages to deal with. If I watch you, I've looked at your art (and all of it is awesome, and I mean that) but I can't possibly reply to all of it. Well, I could, but I'd rather not (though saying it like that makes me feel bad.) I just wonder about people who get hundreds of favourites and comments... a day!

Anyway. Balgowan, which is where I went, is a lovely little town on the Yorke Peninsula. A couple of friends have houses near the beach, which is where nine of us hung around. I didn't get a lot of art done but I did do a bit of jewellery. Hopefully some late nights with my tablet and Corel Painter will yield some art... and perhaps even some good art. So, a bit of updating to come.
Well, I finished exams a week ago. Overall, I think I did pretty well, except maybe in "Specialist Maths". Ah well, we'll just wait for the results, now.

I'm going away for a week tomorrow, to a place on the Yorke Peninsula. I may do some art there, but I'll definitely be doing stuff after we get back... if I'm not playing WoW or KoL. Yay, acronyms!