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Snow white, Crow black.

Well, I was actually modelling this bird on a raven, but I couldn't think of a good title... I usually tilt towards titles like "Morning" or "Winter" and blah.

Anyway, a quick painting. Three hours most, I think. really happy with the way it all fell together, especially since I didn't have a direct reference for any of it!

The only part that I'm not as happy with are the feet, but still. Really pleased with this, hope you like it! :)
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Wow, very impressive! The textures are awesome, and I like how the trees in the background are blurry. Somehow, he doesn't look . . . crafty enough to be a crow or raven, though. More like a songbird who stole someone else's feathers. ; )
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Well, I'd call that pretty crafty ; )

Thanks :D
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It looks LOVELY, ale :D
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Beautiful! The raven's really pretty - it's the sad eye that does it - and I really like the glossy feathers. Lovely. :)
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Thankyou hun!
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great job on that feathery texture
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Yay, you noticed :3

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Why is crowy sad? You shouldn't be sad when you're so awesomely depicted. =D
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Aww, thanks!

I think he might just be a bit cold. *shivers*
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