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Smashed With Four Aces

By Alecat
AKA "Smash Dogs Playing Poker"

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The dogs (well, canids) of Smash Bros kick back and relax with a game of poker. But drama unfolds as the Nintendog's four aces are beaten out by the Duck Hunt Duo's straight flush!

This is my largest painting to date! I've made a post detailing my thoughts and process on my blog:…

I'm getting a canvas print for myself, might take some prints to cons later this year.
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© 2015 - 2021 Alecat
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Archanos's avatar
I want this for the living room, right above the Xbox
lukepoke's avatar
more resolution? pls
MicaelHD's avatar
CapricornDiem456's avatar
Coming soon to your Wii U, 3DS, & NX: Super Poker Bros.
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Lamiaman's avatar
Awesome Job here!!!
PokeGirlRULES's avatar
I wonder who wins the aces?
PenelopeGothic's avatar
JuacoProductionsArts's avatar
Dogs (and other canids) playing poker, taken to Nintendo-esque proportions.
kombos257's avatar
Why Lucario is here ? He is not a dog.Right??
Alecat's avatar
Same reason Wolf and Fox are included. Lucario is not a dog, but he is a jackal.
DragonDePlatino's avatar
I am sorely disappointed that Rush is not handing Wolf an ace under the table.
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Hehe you know your Coolidge! This one is based around the other paintings, the ace being handed around the front of the table doesn't work with the Nintendog already holding four aces.

I actually want to scribble a version of that painting with the duck and dog doing the cheating ;)
dynamicsketch's avatar
This is pretty awesome. Duck Hunt Dog wins! You lose!
Alecat's avatar
Thanks man, good to see you around! :)
dynamicsketch's avatar
Are you the same Alecat I know from before?
Alecat's avatar
How many Alecat's do you know? ;)
We go back to Zeo days I think, you were Ryle?
dynamicsketch's avatar
Sweet! It is you and your skills have vastly improved since then.
CLXcool's avatar
Poker Night with the Nintendogs. Oddly enough I had a similar idea, but I never got around to it. Nicely done. 
Alecat's avatar
Thanks! Coolidge's art is so iconic, so I'm not surprised others had the idea!
kelror13's avatar
Wonderful artwork. Truly, you have captured the reaction the Dog would have upon winning. :) 
superdes513's avatar
This is too much awesome. Awesome job man
Alecat's avatar
Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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