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Guess what's an awesome game?

No? Meteos!

I was looking at it during exams, and mum bought it for me for Christmas! Whoo!

I love some of the art in this game. I think I hardly got near the awesomity of the game art, but completing this picture simply magnifies my own awesomity. Yeah.

We need you! Save our planet!
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I challenge you to a planet battle next friday!
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it looks a bit like tetris.....

and that can only be a good thing!

the picture is pweddy, ale...
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Whoo, thanks.

I love puzzle games!
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what is meteos? apart from being a game...

but that is an awesome pic ^^
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Whoo, thanks! Stupid dA ate my comment. So now I have to rewrite it...

Anyway, Meteos is a game of the "falling block" variety, but with a little plot of its own to justify playing the game. Basically, there's an eeevil planet bombarding the other planets with "Meteos". By chance, these planets found out that you could fuse Meteos of the same kind to propel them back at their enemy! Hurrah, let's play games with blocks to determine the fate of the entire universe!