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Catch a falling star...

One out in Balgowan night we "slept" out on the beach. Seven people on three matresses. Well, six. I rolled off. The sand was comfy, though!

The sky was beautiful, and there were so many shooting stars... I think I counted no less than eight while I was awake. The only problem was mozzies, ah well.

This is one of the few pictures where I can see what I want and have it turn out exactly as I see it... But the little antenna on the house annoys me a bit. Hope you like the picture, though! :)
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Xx-Elise-Clarke-xX's avatar
oooh i like this one. i come from balgowan but i now live in maitland 15 km from balgowan great pic
Alecat's avatar
Balgowan was such a nice town to visit :)

Thanks so much for the comment and fave!
lycantropus's avatar
Recently I mean just a 2 days ago...i watch like four shooting stars in one nigth and another one on a few days was amazing like your picture..>_<
Alecat's avatar
Yeah, they really are fantastic to see. Thankyou :)
poinko's avatar
*makes a wish*

...yay it came true! :D
Alecat's avatar
Hee! I hope mine came true... but maybe I overwished ;)
Narg-Nargson's avatar
Noice work Ale, this pic really makes me remember that night. I only got 2 hours of sleep, but I think that was more than anyone else :P. This sounds kinda corny, but you've really captured the feeling. You've inspired me to do that piece I was thinking of doing. You know how at night Venus was so bright that its light would actually reflect off the sea like the sun does during the day? I thought that was beautiful. In case you were thinking of doing something like that, MITS OFF, IT'S MINE!!!
Alecat's avatar
Well, Venus is in this pic, somewhere. It was initially right in the middle of the canvas, but I moved it. But it's there!

My mits are off.
Narg-Nargson's avatar
Goodo, 'coz I just finished and am about to upload. This is my very first digital painting!
Infinitesimal-Speck's avatar
You weren't exaggerating, this is awe-inspiring. Makes me want to buy a real camera... 'cause, this stuff I could never draw.
Alecat's avatar
Heh, which reminds me, I took a camera and took hardly any photos. hee...
Vamina12's avatar
OMG THIS WAS REAL!!!! *dies* Your soooo lucky!!! Ive never seen a shooting star in my life!!!!
Alecat's avatar
I know, I don't think I ever remember seeing one before then, but that night I saw more than ever before... so i think I really was lucky. Perhaps you'll see one soon :)
Vamina12's avatar
I live in New York...I highy doudt it
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