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'Blue Parrot' Tulip

I forgot to say in my last pic, my "Pic of the Day" series have all been done in a Painter IX trial, which is why the whole thing was initiated, I wanted to do one pic a day for every day I had the trial.

This is number three, a "Parrot Tulip" reference from "Tulips" by somebody, photography by Clay Perry.
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It's gorgeous. :)
I've never used that program; what did you think of it?
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I absolutely love it. I'm using a tablet, and it has wonderful pressure recognision, but aside from that it feels like it was made for artists.

There's a wide range of brushes and all kinds of things. Only gripes I have are the magic wand tool (which isn't as clever as the Photoshop one) and the watercolour brushes, which don't feel as "real" as the rest of everything and uhh, lag my computer a lot. But I'm terrible at watercolour in real life anyway.
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It's not a photo, is it?
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Haha, stop flattering me! ;)