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AVCon Achievements 2009

By Alecat
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This year I came up with the idea of "Achievements" for AVCon. You could refer to the Achievements to give you an idea of what was going on at the con and a select few would award points. I sort of imagined them to act like the Yellow Brick Road at the Royal Show.

I thought I kept it fairly unambitious, but I probably shouldn't have tried to award points for any achievements this year. Didn't have enough people to look over it and make sure the points were properly collected.

If you've been wondering, villains won because there were two major achievements that awarded points to volunteers (being minions they diligently put their points towards the villains) but the cosplayers should be commended for their Heroic efforts.

Anyway. A mix of some great ideas and some shoddy art here. Enjoy!
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The achievments were my favourite part about the avcon book. I was really impressed to see that idea. :D
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I'm glad you thought so :)

Not sure what will happen to the achievements next year. I hope to keep them on, still award achievements for the same things as previous years but rename them to make them theme specific (like a few here are heroes/villains influenced)

I suspect we'll be scaling them back even more, though. Just have the self-awarded achievements, or that sort of thing.