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AVCon 2009 Hoodie Design

By Alecat
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Entered this in the hoodie competition, and it won. Yay!

I felt a bit bad about submitting so early and possibly scaring off some great designs, but as I worked on this more I realised that it would probably work out really awesome, and it did!

However, the hoodies were printed 90 degrees clockwise... whoops. Since I had the bias of working on it so hard and knowing how it should be displayed, I immediately went, "ogod just sell it off for as cheap as possible" and the decision made was to sell the hoodie for $25.

If we were thinking, we would have realised that finding a blank black hoodie for that price would be a bargain... we really should have sold it for at least $30!

Another print run is being done (correctly oriented), I'm not sure if it's too late to put an order in. Try sending an email to the AVCon merchandise people to find out.

I hope I get my hoodie soon :D
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you made THAT????
omg! awesome!
(btw, i got one of the 90 degree angled ones ;P)
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A "special edition" hoodie!

The number of people that didn't realise it was wrong really surprised me... then again, even I double take at my correctly printed hoodie now that I've seen the other one around so often!
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This was an awesome design, even printed sideways it still looked great!

I love the poses and the way you've balanced the picture with the red
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My original idea was to use splashes of colour behind the mascots, but I think this worked out much better.