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AVCon 2009 Booklet Comic

By Alecat
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Veteran comic-provider :iconplufim: was too busy to do his usual, "Welcome to AVCon" comic, so after a little brainstorming with him, we came up with something a little different: Switch has a ridiculous plan and Ayvee is shown who is the Boss. It works well considering that all the promo material shows Switch already in posession of the diamond!

Comic was started and completed within two days of the print deadline due to, "uh, do we have a comic yet?"

The plans were the genius of my boyfriend. For a start, I can't write that bad even if I try. That's his normal handwriting. The humour there all comes from him too. I just told him that the punchline would be Ayvee in a cell, saying "I can't believe this worked". I thought the train was a dig at the AVCon Trainwreck, but apparently it wasn't. Oh well.

As it turned out, this is a pretty good description of every AVCon ever. Some terribly clever but not necessairily plausible plans, but they work. Yay AVCon!

This comic scored me a "commission" with Manifest. That'll be uploaded soon.

July 2009
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i loled when i saw that in the booklet >u<
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Heehee, thanks. People enjoyed it way more than I hoped :)