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February 18, 2008
Dragon Tutorial - New by *alecan is an amazingly simple yet comprehensive and useful dragon tutorial, and one of the best (if not the best) I've ever come across. Instead of sticking to one type of dragon, she encourages others to look at anatomy of animals around us and apply it to dragons, instead of perpetuating the idea that there's only one "correct" way to draw a dragon.
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Dragon Tutorial - New

So here it is. The new and improved dragon tutorial. Hope you like this one better than my old one. I certainly do. Hope it can be of any help to someone.


EDIT: I corrected some of the misspellings. (Please note me if there's some left, english is only my second language ;))

If you want to see more tutorials, check out here: [link]
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firekitu's avatar

no matter how many times i study this i never can get it right (specially the wings)

MysteryCypher's avatar
How is it moving both legs on one side without falling over?
Willow-Forest-Dragon's avatar
I liked the other one, but this one is very polished and professionaly done and done well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. 
alazarfireen's avatar
very useful
been having trouble with legs for ages now
thanks for the help
JohnHMS's avatar
i love you for this ;3; <3
SpiritDragonTano's avatar
Thank you ! ^__^
I'm going to use this,it helps pretty well :3

I'm learning how to draw dragons xD
Two months in the making !
SkyroreDraws's avatar
This is one of the best dragons tutorials I have ever seen its so good! The anatomy is flawless and it's just jaw-dropping to anyone. Amazing work
alecan's avatar
SkyroreDraws's avatar
Your very welcome! Keep it up!
Dragonmaster62835's avatar
Hello! :D Look what I made using this! :D [link]
Hope you like it! :D
alecan's avatar
Nice work. Glad you could find some help in my tutorial :) Check out if you want more tutorials :)
Dragonmaster62835's avatar
Thank you! :aww:
I will, thank you! :D There are really great tutorials! :D
BAMillustration's avatar
Ooo, thanks for the walk cycle.
Dragonmaster62835's avatar
The best tutorial I found on DeviantART!!!!! :D I am making my first picture based on this tutorial! My dragon will be a bit like the one on the tutorial, but I sware, I am not copying, I am just lerning how to draw dragons, so I can develop my own style, but anyway, this is really awesome and useful. Thank you!
alecan's avatar
Thank you :D have you checked out There are some more tutorials there :)
Dragonmaster62835's avatar
You are most certanly welcome :D
Yes, I have. Awesome thing. I will use it in my future artworks. Thanks! :)
RandomDragon0412's avatar
Glad you had the bone diagrams in there, and nice walk cycle! ty!
Dragoness17's avatar
Finally! I am so sick of 'this is how you draw dragons' tutorials, where they make it all around a stereotypical Western dragon and tell you this is how you draw them, no other way is permitted. I do love how here you encourage people to play with anatomy and make unique dragons. It's what I do and have always done. Fantasy has no boundaries.
alecan's avatar
Thank you! I don't like those kinds of tutorials either, I mean, dragons are in fact not a real animal (no matter what some might think of that) and thus there's no "real" way of drawing them either :D
Asparticus's avatar
holy hell this is going to be tough. thanks for all the tutorial ^^
ExplodedPineapple's avatar
Thanks a lot for making this tutorial! I always had some trouble understanding the bone-structure of dragons, especially the wings!
alecan's avatar
Thanks. Hope you check out for more tutorials: [link]
ExplodedPineapple's avatar
Thanks a lot for the link^^! This will come in quite handy!
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