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Dorothy - Samurai of Oz - Comic Book cover

By AleBorgo
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A cover I made for the comic book "Samurai of Oz" featuring Dorothy, for Mount Olympus Comics.

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Beautiful lady with an impressively sexy derriere, and love the view of the back of her thick, strong, sexy thighs.  This character would've made for an outstanding heroine in a follow-up sequel in the "Wizard of Oz" series.  Such a storyline featuring her would've been an excellent follow-up to, "Tin Man."  Dorothy as the "Samurai of Oz" could be out on a quest to save Oz, forced to traverse hazardous terrain and face many dangers in her search of ancient artifacts that, when brought together, would give her and the citizens of Oz the power to fight the Wicked Witch.

Love a potential storyline for this piece of art where perhaps Dorothy is trudging through a swamp as she tries to find a artifact in the possession of the Bog Dwarf.  She is unknowingly pursued by the Wicked Witch's evil agents, cowardly henchmen who await for Dorothy to find herself in a helpless and vulnerable position before attacking.  And, that opportunity comes in this drawing when Dorothy cuts across the filthy, shallow waters of the swamp and gets stuck in the thick, sticky mud lying in wait just inches below the surface.  The evil agents wait patiently, watching as Dorothy grunts in frustration, struggling and straining mightily as she tries to free her stuck legs from the mud, her efforts slowly driving her legs deeper and deeper, inch by inch, into the tenacious mire.  And, when the agents are convinced that sweaty maiden is solidly trapped thigh-deep in the mud's powerful suction and totally helpless, they reveal themselves and prepare to attack from behind.  They are rather surprised when the sinking Dorothy turns her head to face them and shows no fear, appearing to be looking at something behind them...  turning, the agents are shocked to find the monstrous form of a lion beast growling at them, his cold, steely eyes penetrating their souls, his teeth and claws glistening in the sunlight.

Thanks for sharing!
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