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Goddess of Columbia

not edited fresh scan from my workbook

The Goddess Columbia
Country Name: Vinland (North America)
Name: Nora Diana [Nora= North, True North, North Star, guiding light North America] [Diana="heavenly" or divine]
she is the mother of Canada and America {Canada more like his mother America is more like his father *who that may be is still in question*
She is also the Goddess of the 13 colonies

More to come depending on question asked and my mind XD
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Goddess of Meridia (The South)

hey i was wondering if you could do a goddess of the confederacy
p.s. meridia is latin for south thank you
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This is a lovely interpretation did you get your inspiration from the statue atop The Capitol?
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I'm not a big Hetalia fan but this is beautiful. I wish she was canon.
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I'm not much of a hetalia fan anymore but I am a huge fan of American and Europe's history so I do like to draw people like Lady Columbia and Lady Liberty
so thank you <3
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Hansamu na onna no hito yo.
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Dou Itashimashite :)

(You're welcome. Sorry I forgot to put the translation on the last one)
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I didn't know the Romaji part XD
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She's georgous! I love the design! (still) The colors are really rich.

I wish I could try that cape on. (yah I'm weird)

(America is the favorite son I see ;) )

England's the daddy!
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well shes a tricky women

She is a real American goddess there is even a beautiful statue of her in DC

shes a wild child I drew the stars to be more like the star of David , the rich colors were a must XD

As for her favorite son XD
this outfit is how she is as Columbia but I would say she has a fondess for America just because of how she had to pay more attention to him. . . .spoiler *shuts mouth*

As for their father, its an interesting story of sorts (Historically correct also)
and that England actually fits in it perfectly (From historical correctness he does even)
but the whole thing is he or is he not is the question, of course no one will admit to it XD
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Serious?! Where in DC?

They may be 6 tipped stars, but there's still the eagles. ;)

Poor Canada. His parents even prefer America. (Because America is better)But still, poor guy.

It's England. Has to be.
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This is her, I think they actually took her down and have her on display on the inside now. . .

Also out flags stars actually were 6 tipped for a while, so much so that if you look at congress the stars are 6 pointed on the back of their chairs

Oh but Canada's brother love him more than anyone else, His mother loves him very much but she need not worry about Canada hes every mothers dream son. . .where as America is reckless and does not wish to know his mother he just wants the past to stay away
because its too painful
(Lord Im a moron I talk about this and start Explaining her involvement)

Fun yes?

England is he just does not know it yet, and does not want to admit to himself that he had pretty much blown his relationship with America, to the point America will not accept the truth. . .and the whole world has wanted to know the story of how America and Canada just evolved out of nothing XD

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They must have, can you get in to look?

"fun", a disfunctional family. :( Poor America.

Well, England was a jerk. Both in denile, like father like son. ;P
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yes she can be visited , her bronze statue is at the top of the dome , but there was casting taken of her that is on display at the Emancipation Hall at the Capitol Visitor Center

yep dysfunctional

America just believes it’s not his right to interfere in such things as that, sort of hard for him being abandoned and not knowing why, then all of a sudden your mother is alive and she acts like she cares. So I guess you could say he’s feeling the same abandonment feeling he did with England and in that situation he had to let go of a personal attachment. Also that their mother chose to come to Canada first instead of both of them he suggests confirms her feelings for him in stone, so he doesn’t want to be involved with someone who will break his heart. That’s why Liberty if the case ever came to be if she left him it would kill him (she never would of course because she can’t be without him)

Very much like England XD except America is better at avoiding he turned it into a form of art
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I think you need to be a tour guide in DC. The one we were with told us she wasn't a statue of a human figure, but a random greek symbol-thing. *sigh* And he's getting payed for that.

You're being mean, throwing hints about like this. ;P
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I have actually never been to DC or the the east coast for that matter.

sorta jelous, naw my Dad knows how much I love history and last year for my 21st birthday I begged him to let me go. Then he brought in the whole "Who the heck is going to go with you, its not me" and that is the stake through the heart because I dont have anyone who be willing to put up with me, also that I would probably know more about the history than the guides *you pointed that out*

My teacher (who is a pretty good friend) went to the Capital and the white house, it was later after she brought me back a pendent FROM THE WHITE HOUSE that she said if she would have know how much I liked american history she would have taken me with her. . .. *blast it all*

then when my sister was up in Canada I was so upset I couldnt go, and my dad made a remark that nearly made me want to die "You know you could have gone to London for the week" I was very mad at that he decided to tell me that at that moment instead of months ago when I needed to get my passport and pass card for Canada. . .I feel used

But DC damn it its a stone throw away from Virginia and New York, bugger

but no I'm limited to Califronia (I hate) and Washington (Too many Canadians)

I was going to climb aboard A tour bus heading to glenn becks rally, oh I was bloody close. truth being I probably wouldnt have come back, find me a permanant fixture in DC

plus my dads says its way to dangerous

Live a little XD jeez

Yes I am mean XD
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Thats just from your sketchbook alone?? Jeez! Ya got extreme talent man, course considering its you of course its epically awesome. But even though you dont have much info its pretty creative! Epic!
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there will be more info, I have some notes to gather on her and a really big book to to look for facts in. . .lord its like crazy

but yeah its from my sketch book
I usally scan pictures in and screw with them a bit in photoshop because of my comments I write while Im drawing, then I try to make it look finished (thats usally never happens)

but when I posted her I had not yet completed my post up of her info and I dont know yet about how she will be accepted <.<

and I don't know really what to explain about her, she my brain child since last year XD

Copics are god markers!
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