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Kuvira by aleberle Kuvira by aleberle
Okay, this is Kuvira, the daughter of Baast (From the comics) and Discord. Now before you freak out, I still ship Fluttercord. It's my OTP. But I one-side ship these two to the moon. My story for this is that Baast and Discord had known each other fro a long time, and Baast eventually fell hopelessly in love with him. Unfortunately, Discord was super oblivious and never noticed her feelings towards him. One day, Discord fell under influence of a love potion, (Which was NOT given to him or made by Baast) and fell in love with Baast. Baast didn't know that he was under a love potion, (Remember, this is a love POTION, not a love POISON.) and they went at it for quite some time. Eventually, the potion wore off, and Discord couldn't remember anything that had happened while he was under the love potion, and carried on with his normal life. Eventually, Baast found out that she was pregnant. Knowing that the kits were Discord's, she never told him, as her love for him was so great that she didn't want to tie him down. Eventually, she had her kits, and she was devastated as only one survived. Baast continued ruling her kingdom, and kept it a secret that the kit, whom she named Kuvira, was Discord's, out of fear that her subjects would lose respect for her, although she eventually was forced to tell Kuvira. And even through all this, at seeing Discord again, she fell for him all over again, but still refused to tell him about their kit. Okay, WOW. That was a lot. But Kuvira is very calm and collected. She is fairly serious and often forgets to have fun. Ever since hearing the story of her father, she has a very hard time trusting colts, and acts fairly suspicious and resentful towards them. Nevertheless, Kuvira cares deeply for her country and would do anything to protect it, and makes sure that she acts in its best interest. She often tries to avoid social interaction with people to make sure that they never guess her father, as to protect her and her mother's honor. Hope you like her!
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November 8, 2015
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