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Dragon House

By Aleandrus
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Inspired by a story on Mickey Mouse ^_^
A mistake of ingredients, has make Amelia's potion fail and summon a dragon greater that her house :XD:


Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm, PhotoShopCS5, about 3hours of work.

Dragon belongs to Walt Disney
Draw belongs to me
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© 2010 - 2021 Aleandrus
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The expression really makes it lovable. The dragon doesn't seem bothered at all by being there. XD
Aleandrus's avatar
Not really, he was sleeping so well before :P
Terra-Storm's avatar
Ah so he just woke up I take it?
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Yep! He was taking a nap when Amelia has summon him so..he was a little confused and still half-asleep
Amadoodles's avatar
lol, this is great! love its expression :D
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Hah, that's so cute! When I saw the thumbnail I thought it actually was a dragon that was a house!
I love the storybook look it has too, I could totally see this being an illustration in a children's story.
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Thank you ^_^
I tried to keep the style as close as possible to the style of Mickey Mouse.
For the title, initially, I have thinked to call it "Wrong Summon" or something similar but then I opted for "Dragon House" since the house seemed really part of him, as it occurred to you =D
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This reminds me of a kid's book I once had called, "There's No Such Thing as a Dragon" In the story a boy gives a dragon he is hiding (a lot of) pancakes. When the kid and his mother left the house something like this happened and the dragon chased a bread truck.
Luckily, when the dragon rested he shrunk down to size.
Aleandrus's avatar
Funny fable =D
Very similar, but I fear that for poor Amelia didn't go so well and the dragon didn't shrunked/disappeared :P
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Love the expression on the face. Sort of like "wut?!" right after being woken from a long slumber ^.=.^ .
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Thanks ^_^
I tried to give him a look of surprise and a bit dazed, as if it had been raised when he was taking a nap
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lol like that style so cute!
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NineTailsTiger's avatar
Most fun pic ever, Epic win!
Very nice, ahahaha! :D
Aleandrus's avatar
Thank you =D
Per passare il tempo mi stavo leggendo un Topolino vecchio in cui Amelia continuava a sbagliare gli ingredienti della pozione ed a evocare le creature più varie, fino alla completa distruzione della sua casa :XD:
Questo mi ha dato l'ispirazione per creare questo disegno =)
NineTailsTiger's avatar
Topolino nel 2010 è un successone.
Non il fumetto. ma sapere che c'è ancora qualcuno che lo apprezza. :)
E ne trae ispirazione.
Nell'era della globalizzazione mi par quasi un miracolo. O.O
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In realtà, per quanto continui a leggerlo, preferisco le storie di un tempo, per quanto riguarda il disegno(eccetto per quelle disegnate dalla Ziche o da altri grandi artisti del suo stampo).
NineTailsTiger's avatar
Io l'ho abbandonato dopo che ha iniziato a perdere la sua genuinità...non ho avuto davvero cuore di continuare.
Aleandrus's avatar
Io continuo comunque a leggerlo per passare il tempo e perchè ogni tanto ci sono delle storie scritte e disegnate molto bene(come ad esempio quelle della Ziche).
NineTailsTiger's avatar
Fai bene. ^^
In fin dei conti una passione è una passione ed è giusto coltivarla finchè dà soddisfazione. ;)
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