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Nine Inch Nails and many more.
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GTA and Minecraft
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SAI, Gimp, whatever really.
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As someone who's listened to all of Becks music and most of Kanyes music, I want to talk about this. For Kanye to say "if the Grammys want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us" is so insulting to Beck, it's hard to comprehend. Here's some history on Beck: Wikipedia: Beck began life in a rooming house near downtown Los Angeles. As a child, he lived in a declining neighborhood just off Hollywood Boulevard "By the time we left there, they were ripping out miles of houses en masse and building low-rent, giant apartment blocks," he later recalled. The lower-class family struggled financially, moving to Hoover and N
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Tech School

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Well, Basic Training is over and I've been in Technical School for a while now, and it's been going pretty good. I've been acing my classes so far, so I'm just hoping that keeps up. We had a drill down yesterday and our squadron came in first place, we showed Keesler how to march! The video is below if you want to watch. Anyway, everybody enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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... But I never do. Once the 26th hits, you can find me over at Weasyl though. It's cool and next month I can invite you guys if you want. INVITE SLOTS: 1. Free 2. Free 3. Free 4. Free 5. Free 6. Free 7. Free 8. Free 9. Free 10. Free
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A lifesaver man!!! I got SimCity 2000 to working on this newer machine! Good program and thank you!!
Glad to hear dude! Thanks!

  Howdy there, Smiley here ouo Prancing around your profile to thank you for the Watch. So, yes, thank you for the previously mentioned Watch. 8D Ah hope you enjoy my work ^u^.

I love the idea of Qwuedeviv. It's also pretty cool you took the time to do your homework about military rank. Most people don't bother to do any research when they come up with military ideas, so props for that! Keep up the awesome work!
I accidentally deleted your comment out of my inbox and had to venture through 51 contacts to find you lololol. ANYWAY. Why thank you ouo I do take time to do a lot of research on matters before just deciding stuff X3 so I'm glad its noticed =D
Aw man, that stinks! D:  I just got out of Basic Training, so I kind of automatically notice it now. :3
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