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Signes du Zodiaque - Le Poisson

I said I wanted to redraw all the Zodiac signs and here is the
first one, (the first I drew).

This is my sign and I had the idea so it was the first to be done.

I'll try to do all the Zodiac Signs traditionally, since most of you
prefer this style to the other ones. ^-^

I really hope you'll like this drawing, and don't hesitate to let me
know what you think about it.
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I love the extra fins on their tails, & their webbed fingers!!
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Thank you so much! ♥ Makes me very happy you like! 
sandcastler's avatar
Yes!! In addition, I love how the green tail mermaid has a really cute butt under her tail skin!! ;)
nocturnis-lepus's avatar
c'est décidément un de mes préféré dans les signes astrologiques!
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Vraiment ? ^-^ Je suis Poisson ! Du 3 mars. 
Il faudra vraiment que je les refasse tous !! >.<
nocturnis-lepus's avatar
Moi je suis gémeaux!
Shameless-BookWorm's avatar
I didn't know that you were planning on redoing these. I can't wait to see what else you have planned. These two are absolutely awesome. I love the caring gestures between them and the subtle intimacy. They're beautiful.

Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Thank you so much for your sweet words my dear ! :huggle:
I'm glad you like the gesture and this intimacy I tried to show.
Saisei-chan's avatar
I really like the traditionally way of colouring you used, I find that it makes your drawing and your character's expressions more expressive, it looks like an old representation of the Zodiac signs, that is a look that I like indeed :)

I'm looking forward the next sign and how you'll draw Libra :)
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Thank you very much for your very kind words my lovely friend !
This really made me happy to read your comment.
I hope you will appreciate the Libra. But at the moment I didn't draw it yet. Patience. ^-^
Katzy's avatar
Your mermen are always so pretty. :D
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Thank you so much !! :3
vampychick1's avatar
I can't wait to see how the others turn out (especially Aries, My sign! ^^ )
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
^-^ Thank you very much for your comment.
I hope I'll do better than the first Aries I drew.
vampychick1's avatar
You've drawn an Aries sign before? I need to find that...
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Here: [link]
But I don't like it... Not beautiful...
vampychick1's avatar
Contortionist Aries! I like it!
What do you feel is wrong with it?
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
I don't like the way I drew him. The face isn't beautiful and the eyes aren't at the same level. I don't like his feet and the horns were supposed to be more beautiful... I don't find this drawing well done but I'm glad you like it though.
vampychick1's avatar
I can see what you mean about the eyes (though it is hardly noticeable) maybe...the horns need to be more exaggerated? you know sometimes the horns can grow really really long and curl and then stick outwards like this: [link]
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Yeah ! These horns are perfect !
I'll use this as a reference for my future artwork.
Thanks a lot for the link.
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So.. Freaking... Hot... o.o()
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
^.^ Thanks a lot ~
CharlieRoz's avatar
they're both very beautiful. They're tails are very very pretty as well! I'm excited to see what other signs you will be interpreting :D
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Thank you so much !
I'm so glad you like this drawing.
I hope the other signs will be as good as this one. ^.^
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