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Greeny Backbend

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I'm sorry not to have time to write something very well
about this character. Well, he is just a random character
from my Oriental Tribe. He was one of Emaryl's student
and loves to do backbends. He became pretty good at
that and even read in that position. He finds it very
relaxing, so relaxing that he sometimes fell asleep in
that pose.

The outfit was made by an elf you know well. This bendy
elf, whose name is Romir, wanted a green outfit with holes
on its sides and golden jewels on it. He asked to one of the
best dressmaker of the tribe, Aaulin, who designed it with
pleasure. He creates clothes but original ones, that
means he never does twice the same design.

Sorry about that poor short text... ;w; I really don't have
time and was lucky to finish the colouring today.

Still hope you'll enjoy it.

Art, story and character by ~Kombanwa ©
All Rights Reserved ©
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Another great work you did I love the pose and how relaxed he looks like in the pose and the vibrant colours just making it look stronger, better )
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your lovely comment !
I loved to draw this backbend, specially because it is more extreme than usual. I really love extreme contortion. I find it relaxing. ^-^
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SkyweliHobbyist General Artist
j'aime bien la taille de ses pieds x)
il a un joli visage ^^
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
µOuais, il a des grands panards ! ^-^ Mais j'ai foiré pas mal de chose dans ce dessin et j'en suis vraiment agacée... Merci beaucoup en tout cas ~
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Ok, "Adonis' Uncle" already took too much breath away but... just have to say it... there's officially nothing better than your art in the world anymore!!! :> <3

And it doesn't matter how short the story is, it's perfect and so is the illustration! :3 You always tell more than you actually say in your stories, they can go on and on very easily...

And this boy is absolutely breathtaking! He has such a beautiful face with the perfect beauty-mark near his lips. And his shorts are really sexy, Aaulin was really in the mood when he designed them XD It's very surprising he didn't decide to give these shorts instead to his brother, lol. In any case, this elf is very lucky to have such beautiful clothes! It's only shorts but for him it would be a crime to wear more XD

And the hands of Emaryl sure have touched him a lot in many different places XD It shows very well through his skill! :3 The position of his body really steals the whole attention! It's so extreme, his spine looks like it's folded in half backwards not once but at least a couple of times in different places, really he could just rest his head upon his own hips if he wanted X3

At same time he's so absolutely calm and serene, not only serene but he's also smiling and enjoying his bendiness. Now that's the true contortionist's spirit! :3 Emaryl sure had taught his pupils how to find a great pleasure in such positions, and that's probably the first he teaches to every student :>

The shape of his body gives an unusual beauty to this position, the backbend is not perfectly round but has more definition and that makes the position look even more impressive! ^-^

Just can't stop staring at it! It's just wonderful you had enough time to draw this <3
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Oh my... *.* Thank you so much Yuni for your so sweet comment ! I think that's the first time I get such a very kind comment like this and such a compliment about my art. This means so much to me that I absolutely can't tell how this touches me. I feel so very happy I could not tell exactly the joy I feel now. This is the most beautiful thing that have been ever said to me. I'm just so thankful ! (I think I could cry right now so this comment makes me happy) Truly Yuni, thank you a thousand times ! <3

I'm so glad to know you like this drawing ! :'3 I was a bit annoyed though because I found the head a bit too big compared to the rest of the body... ;w; but I'm so very happy to see you like it even if it has a lot of mistakes. I don't know what I have these days, maybe that's because of too much stress and work, but I draw pretty big and disproportionate heads to my characters. That's a problem... but I'm still glad of this drawing and feel very happy to know people like it.

This makes me very happy you find his face beautiful. :3 I had fun drawing him and loved so much to colour it ! That's a real pleasure for me to colour with promarkers. I really love this technique and find the result very soft.

Yeah, Aaulin was in his creative period when he designed this. ^-^ He did this one only for that elf but did so many to his brother. Many that Aorev can wear when he wants to and others that stay private. ^.^ Yes, Aaulin loves a lot to design special sexy outfits for his beloved brother. I'll may draw one of those someday. That could be fun. ^-^

I wanted to draw an extreme backbend but that would not only look extreme. I wanted it to seem relaxing too and enjoyable. And I'm quite satisfied of the result for the pose. Yeah, this elf could bend even more if he wanted to. With a little help maybe. Emaryl would make him bend further, I'm sure of it. ^-^

To me contortion never looked painful. I always thought (and still think) that it is something enjoyable that can relax the body very well. And I don't say it just like that. Since I practice it a bit more now I say it because I feel very relaxed when I do frontbends. I also try a bit backbends but can't really do it well because of some health issues. But I still enjoy it a lot. I even fell asleep once while doing a frontbend, so to speak. ^.^

I'm very happy Yuni you enjoyed this illustration and reading your comment today gave me so much more happiness. My entire week was long and difficult and really, just reading at your comment make me feel fresh and cool again. You really make me want to keep on drawing what I like, contortion. And I won't stop, even if I sometimes have stupid questions or comments about my characters and poses I draw. That won't stop me doing what I like and I hope to be able to show you many other beautiful positions and characters. :3
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You're most welcome! :3 This picture is super inspiring, the comment couldn't really express how much it's pleasant to look at this picture! This character is simply wonderful and the picture is very nicely drawn, it presents this character so beautifully! ^.^

Well, in the future you might try to draw smaller heads but to be honest this drawing doesn't have any mistakes, it is drawn the way it's drawn, it's not the drawing that should be fixed but the viewer should adapt more to see it. Start changing it and it will be too different, maybe it will no longer have the same effect :>

And markers indeed make the most pleasant coloring, they're very soft and have natural colors and tones, the shadows look very natural and stylish too. It is a really beautiful tool! :3

It is very pleasant and inspiring actually to think of this elf and Emaryl. Maybe Emaryl could discover that this boy has the potential to do the most extreme backbends of all his past and current students, even Aaulin. But not only he can do extreme backbends but also he really loves doing them, as you mentioned, as if he was simply born for backbending. He always has a very excited face after Emaryl manages to stretch him very far, specially when he feels that he just bent further than he previously could, then his face looks like "oh my, I can't believe what I just did" and he hugs Emaryl very tight to thank him. Sometimes he even cries after doing a very extreme backbends, and not at all of pain but of true happiness. It makes him so excited that they practice backbends all day and he can bend so far that sometimes maybe he can even beat Aaulin, but only in backbends :3 By the way, don't think you mentioned what's the name of this elf? :3

Oh, it's very interesting you could fall asleep while doing a frontbend, it must be really relaxing for you then XD But don't worry about backbends, it's the most extreme skill in contortion and the body is only adaptive to backbends between the age 7-14, backbends are very difficult for the human spine and frontbends are much more natural to do and are good for any age.

It's great that you enjoy drawing contortion so much and you really do it so very well and you come up with the most wonderful characters and worlds where they can live and show their skills. That's really beautiful and very glad that you enjoy so much drawing what you draw! ^-^
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Wow I'm so sorry for such a late reply. T.T I'm sick since this week end and I'm slower and slower. I also don't really have time for me, as you already know, so I answer very slowly, when I have time to. But since I stay at home today and tomorrow, I have a bit more time to reply to comments.

I'm so happy you find this drawing inspiring ! It means so much to me to know my art can inspire you. By the way I drew Emaryl and Romir together but it is a very very quick and rough sketch. I'd like to show it to you though. [link] I suddenly had the idea in class and needed to draw it. But I won't do anything with it though but wanted to show it to you.

Thanks a lot for all the very kind words you said about my art and the way it should be seen. I really do appreciate more than a lot your sweet comments. It's always a pleasure to read your opinion about my artworks and really makes me want to draw more and more.

Yes, Romir is even better at backbends than Aaulin himself. Aaulin was a bit jealous of Romir at first but learnt to appreciate him and understand that was stupid to envy this young boy. Aaulin has his own skills and so Romir too. Emaryl loves Romir a lot and he feels another kind of love for Aaulin that can't be broken.

I like the description you made of Romir and Emaryl's training. :3 I can totally imagine that after Romir achieved a very extreme backbend. :3

^-^ Yes, I can fall asleep because it really feels relaxing. I also love to sit on a chair and put my chest flat on the seat between my thighs, my shoulders under my knees. That also feels relaxing.
Yes, backbends are the most difficult things to achieve in contortion. But I'm happy I can do things like that: [link] that's not much but I like to do it. (that's not me on the picture) I'm too old now to become a great backbender but I still enjoy doing some simple backbends.

Yes, I really love a lot drawing contortion. It is a real passion for me. I just could not stop drawing it. ^-^ Nothing could make me stop. I'm sure even after my death I'll continue to draw contortion. ^.^

Thank you very much Yuni for this comment and all the very kind words you said to me ! <3
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The sketch of Emaryl and Romir is soooo beautiful!! *-* Wow!! This backbend is going to be classical for Romir XD It's so very cool that you decided to draw it, it is really wonderful to see this great backbend that only Romir can do. Emaryl pressing on his shoulders somehow makes the picture very intimate and lovely. Their expressions are very very beautiful too! It's such a beautiful quick sketch, thank you soooooo very much for showing it! ^-^ <3

It's very nice that Aaulin stopped being jealous of Romir in the end, maybe they could become good friends? :3 Well, actually whether they become good friends or not is quite important for the next gift for you XD It's not so important for the picture itself, but it's quite important for the story :3 In fact, it would be great if they could be friends because then the story would be a lot nicer ^-^

Ohh and just once again thank you for showing that sketch of Romir and Emaryl, you don't even know how much pleasure it is to see more of Romir, there's something really beautiful about this boy and his personality even. He's not pushing himself really hard to do "extreme things", but he simply lives for doing his favorite backbend. He's not like Aaulin who wants to be excellent and perfect, he doesn't want to get an excellent backbend, he just loves to do it and it comes out naturally out of life style. He's not "obsessed", he doesn't have a "fetish", maybe doesn't even understand what "extreme" means, but he simply loves backbending and that is all ^-^ That's what this character feels like. That's so very beautiful about Romir <333

And it must be a weird thing to say "thank you for drawing what you love to draw" XD but really thank you for drawing contortion!! What was said above about Romir could be said about yourself as well, you also give this impression that you simply love drawing it and nothing else needs to be said ^-^
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Aaww my !! :'3 Thank you so much Yuni ! I'm so glad you enjoy this little sketch !

(I'm sorry I have to say it, thank you so much for sharing the new videos of Alexey ! *3* Oh my god !! I just looked them all three times and I think it could be possible for me to have a nosebleed so this moment was beautiful with the music, light and pose and close up on Alexey's ribcage at 1:20 in this video:[link] :faint: Sorry, I just fell in love with that moment, the music in this particular moment and Alexey's chest ! <3 I had to thank you a lot for sharing the videos ! Thank you so much Yuni !)

So, the sequel of the comment now. ^.^' I often do digressions like this. But you already know that, don't you. ^-^ So, I was saying that it makes me very very happy to know you like this little sketch of Romir and Emaryl. I really wanted to share it with you because I often do sketches like this but they all end in the bin. So I thought this time I could show you this one. ^-^

Yes, Aaulin understood that it was pretty useless and childish to be jealous and rather than being such a child, he even learn to appreciate Romir and became closer. So in the end yes, they become friends and even sometimes Romir comes to the palace to train a bit with Aorev and Aaulin. Emaryl sometimes pay them a visit and very rarely he even performs with them. But that is very very rarely. ^-^

That can't make me happier to know you enjoy this character so much and you liked this little rough sketch ! :'3 Sketches like this, as I already said, very often end in the dustbin because they seem very rough and not beautiful. So instead of sharing them with my friends, I share them with the bin. -.- Yeah, maybe not the best idea but... well. I will try to show you more sketches like this because it makes me happy to share them with you in fact. Even if they are only very rough sketches, I'm glad to show them to you and have your opinion about them.

I just feel in love deeper with contortion today thanks to the videos of Alexey you shared in your journal. That just... I don't know. I almost cried when I saw all these wonderful moves and poses he does. That is just indescribable. I can't explain what I feel when I look at contortion such as Alexey does. It is so strong, so intense, that I could compare it with sexual relations. Yes, that can sounds weird I know. But that's how I feel like when looking at it, with a lot of other emotions of course, but I can't describe them because there are no words to describe them. Words would define and limit what I feel, so I can't put words on that feeling.

Anyway, all of that to say that I just love contortion to no end and can even fall in love with it deeper everyday. So, I just can't stop drawing contortion. That's part of me now and it grew so much that I just can't ignore it. It is too precious, too intense and beautiful for me to just not think about it.

Oh and, your last sentence summarize perfectly everything. ^-^
Yuni's avatar
Ohh I'm so happy you enjoyed these new videos of Alexey! ^-^ Yes I must admit as he grew up his chest started to look truly beautiful when stretched, I also really loved to watch the moments where his ribcage could be seen! ^.^

Yes, I loved your sketch of Romir and Emaryl and I've been thinking of drawing more of them myself, but I'm searching for a good idea for them, to make it look more special. I really want to draw more of Romir because I'm absolutely in love with his such beautiful and unique backbend! ^.^ But as I said, I'm still thinking and trying to imagine a good scene for them. Ohh! how about maybe them standing on a stone bridge which has a stone fence, just similar to the one from the Sylas drawing's story, they have a bridge like this over a river maybe, so Emaryl is just standing, leaning on the fence, while Romir is doing a handstand on the fence, sitting on his own shoulders of course ^-^ So they're both standing on the bridge, admiring the look of the horizon and maybe setting sun. Or if they don't have such a bridge in the village, maybe it could be something else instead, maybe a balcony ^.^
Aldric-Cheylan's avatar
Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Yes ! I really enjoyed them a lot ! :3 And I thank you so much for sharing them !

It really makes me super happy to know you love Romir so much and even want to do more drawings of Emaryl and him. I can't explain how this makes me happy. It is just a dream that became true to me because there is finally a unique person understanding so well my art, world, stories and characters. And also, you are the only one who understand my world and characters so much that you can draw them so well and make them who they really are, and not just characters of another person you would draw in your own style. They really look like my characters, they are my characters in fact, and even in your drawings, they keep this antity they have. And that is something nobody ever managed to do. Nobody ever truly understand my art, world and characters well enough, and never really understand me either. So, I just can't say how happy I am to have you as my friend and can't explain the way I feel and how much I'm thankful.

Ooh yes ! that idea with Emaryl and Romir on a stone bridge looks pretty nice in my head ! You know, the map I drew of the Oriental Tribe, there is a bridge behind Emaryl's house and it is made of stone. So maybe that could happen on this bridge. And since it is at the outskirts of the village, it's rare to see elves crossing this bridge, except when there are festivals or special events. Otherwise, only a few elves cross this bridge. They just cross it when there is something special at the temple in the other side of the river or when they want to trade with other villages.

So yes, I think that it is a good idea you explained here. It is really important to see both of them, Emaryl and Romir, because they really are special for each other and share lots of things and have a lot in common. And I saw it through your description. :3 that really looks nice in my head. ^w^

And I can't help but thanking you one more time Yuni for understanding so well my world and characters ! <3 That makes me so happy !
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Sakus-Crooked-BrainHobbyist General Artist
Han j'adore la colo, ses cheveux sont superbes *-*
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
^3^ Aww merci beaucoup ! :huggle: J'ai adoré le faire, et la colo aux promarkers est toujours un vrai bonheur pour moi !
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Sakus-Crooked-BrainHobbyist General Artist
Oui, c'est vrai que c'est super agréable de colorier avec des promarkers *-*
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Oui ! :3
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Adorable, delectable and definitely brilliant :D
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your kindness ! :3
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Ever welcome mon amie :D
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Gaeguli-SulyeonHobbyist General Artist
Bah moi j'aime bien, c'est coloré, gai, et original.
If you don't like it, pass away you moron ! :iconangryplz:
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
:'3 Merci beaucoup ça me fait vraiment plaisir !
Oh laisse courir, on ne peut pas tous voir la beauté de la contorsion, surtout quand on a de la merde dans les yeux.
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Gaeguli-SulyeonHobbyist General Artist
Là c'est carrément pas de la merde, mais du pétrole... x)
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Aldric-Cheylan Digital Artist
XD Ha ha ha ! Je suis bien d'accord !
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DreamIsNotLifeStudent General Artist
Je trouve ce dessin très beau , et la belle couleur verte attire directement les yeux sur le jeune elfe ! J'adore ses bijoux et le design de ses vêtements aussi *_* !
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