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Animated Pixel Heart

Edit: I changed the tittle (and made a pun LOL) to make
it easier to find the emoticon in the search section. Because there
are too many "animated heart" when you search for it. So this
way you find it way easier and quicker. ^-^

Another emoticon you can use for free!! ^w^
This one is animated. ^o^

And for more information about that check out my journal:…

Please, fav if you like it, it'd be much appreciated!! Animated Pixel Heart 
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Aldric mon coeur bat pour toi (ok je sort!)
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>w< ha ha! ^3^ C'est mignon !
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I like it! I wish I knew how to use them XD
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Animated Pixel Heart So glad you like!! ^w^
You simply have to click on "+ Add Media" in the bottom of the comment window and write the tittle of my emoticon in the "Search Emoticons" section on the right that will open after clicking on "+ Add Media".  Blushing Plushy Kitty Ball 
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Oooh so that's how! Thank you Animated Pixel Heart 
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^w^ He he~ Thank you for using them! Animated Pixel Heart 
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Thank you so much!! ^w^
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