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So here's Tashalia, my fire/fire/flame blaster. I admit to being terrible at taking screenies like this, so bare with me. Oh, and she's been a character of mine in one form or another since a pen and paper D&D game years ago, as Aldrazar's half sister.

For her, all her costumes were designed by :iconkindleberry:

As the daughter of a succubus, she has some ability to change her appearance.

Costume 1 is her full demon form, and generally in that form is when she's ready to get down to business and fight.

Costume 2 is a half and half look, human and demon. And probably my favorite, she just looks cool there.

And costume 3 is a full human form. I like the white hair, she's had that since I created her. But :iconkindleberry: suggest the red, and I have to admit, she looks hot as a redhead.

Costume 4, even Tashalia loses her temper sometimes, and becomes a walking, burning, angry, demoness, unleashing her full power.

And costume 5...well, thats costume 3 with bat wings, mostly another way of her showing her readiness to burn things.
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