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Demon days

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I was commissioned to do this pic, which I had a lot of fun while painting it. It took a lot of days of work, and sketches to see this now finished.

Everything was done using photoshop CS4
the theme is the new starwars game, SWTOR.

the process for painting this :
the characters portrayed in this picture, do not belong to me. If you are interested in them please contact their owners.
thanks for watching

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That one is stunning!
We can see the action going :D
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Wow! that's...That's incredible.

Whats a price on something like this?
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Thanks man, much appreciated, it was so much fun creating this picture so I am glad to know someone else likes it :party: :hug: :D

base price is $80-character and add $40 per extra character to the scene, also open for negociation ;)
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Note sent :)

This scene is just so beast!
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right on! thanks mate!!
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This is amazing...
CortosisKylee's avatar
:wow:! :faint:
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Pretty sweet.

Their Cape's are really well done and the 4 foot ponytail on the right Jedi is a nice touch.

Is that suppose to be sparks or do those troopers spew yellow blood? :D Or are they droids..
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Thank you , its just sparks. :D
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my only criticism would be that the center Jedi looks to be in a really weird position. His motion doesn't look natural. Other than that, a sweet pic, great action. Just as impressive as your other work.
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thanks for the crit man and I am happy you like this picture.
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Looks amazing love how there's even a bit of reflection off the floor.
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Thank you :)This picture was a HUGE challenge for me to do. I learned a lot from this.
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Fantastic pic, but something about it bugs me. The central Jedi with the yellow lightsaber doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the scene. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's most likely due to the lighting on the figure. It just gives me the impression that it was pasted on over the rest of the scene.

I really like the Jedi on the right. The blades of the double-blade saber to look really nice, and the sparks from the bodies are really well done.

AldoMartinezC's avatar
Thanks man, I'm happy that it is a favorite for you.

Many thanks for the crit, well zdestroyers lightining its different his saber its closer to his body, I thought that it could help make his fight and him, pop up from the others.
But well, I can tell you that it was the other way around hehe, I changed the back to blend better with the scene. I'll start to analize the pic and see if I can make it better.

thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the crit.
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