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Ewok Hunt - Star Wars

By AldoK
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Imperial justice comes to Endor. Or a moon thereof, if you want to get finicky.

Large print here [link]

My Boba Fett illustration here: [link]
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HashtagDown's avatar
Delicious Ewok Steaks, fresh from Endor!
Those things are delicious. Just ask Generation Tech...
Deltaonslot's avatar
I can't wait to skin this little bastard
JESzasz's avatar
 Nothing beats a good blaster at your side. This poor bastard learned that the hard way.

Imperial70's avatar
Yessss!, revenge, this is superb, and its how all the Ewoks should have ended a rug.
Vyel's avatar
This is how the Battle of Endor should have been, I find it sad that the incredibly badass Scout Troopers were killed and outnumbered by those damn Ewoks.
The Ewoks didnt really deafeted them. They had just pure luck because they know their homewoods much better than the Empire. And they merley (dont know how that word is written again) distracted the Stormtroopers. In fact this battle in the movie was kind of similar to the Germanians vs the Romean army in the Varus Battle. It doesnt matter how much technology you have, you also need to be suited for the enviroment around you and the Stormtroopers were not suited for the enviroment of the forest. And their armour was a disadventage too. And it doesnt matter that the Scout Troopers were awesome, they clearly underemesitated the Ewoks who knew their home inside and out.
Sorry if i sounded rude, but i like the Ewoks nonetheless because they were fresh and funny for the movie and i find them incredibly cute. But the actors of the Ewoks must have really gotten hot under These costumes.   
Vyel's avatar
No, you're right. Yeah true, that material must not have been comfortable.
Stubeshtainer's avatar
Nice work! Never liked those furry smirking teddybears anyway. ;DD
Saurophagus's avatar
Am I the only one that finds this really sad? Lol
Ewokfan02's avatar
No, you're not. But if stuff like this happened in the movie, then people would finally stop whining about how they eat humans and how they couldn't have beaten the Empire. It's because they're angry. And based off the Viet Cong.
Ewokfan02's avatar
No, you're not.
FunnelVortex's avatar
It's open season!
TheIrishRogue's avatar
oooooo! That little guy in the back is about to RAGE!!
TiredJadedSoul's avatar
This is great!  Now to make a pair of slippers and a throw rug out of it.
good eatin' tonight!  I really like the detail and dirt and scuff marks on the armor.  
BaronNeutron's avatar
I think I love you! 8D

These Scouts speak (and shoot) for all of us! :headbang:
CB3723's avatar
Simply awesome skills - you're pro all the way - this pic is awesome!
BookwormElV's avatar
Kill the Terror-Teddies!! :D
El-Thorvaldo's avatar
"YUMM EWOK DUNNUR" and LucasHate aside, I think what particularly strikes me about this piece is that it actually offers a cursory explanation for how the ewoks were prepared for that fight. If we assume, as this picture suggests, that the garrison was aware of, and had been hunting them for some time, then they would have had both motivation and opportunity to plan and set the more elaborate traps. The Rebels' arrival was then the catalyst for the counterattack.
raftibackx's avatar
nice job!
I also love the Boba Fett illustration, what a way to make him so ... human, nicely done!
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