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Super Komrad Girl - The Mirror

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Still doubting, our dear Super Komrad Girl faces her past and future.
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Great work; really does look like something from the old USSR!
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SkaramineHobbyist Traditional Artist
SKG is such a cute and great character. 
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Beautiful composition, especially with the bold colours.
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Beautiful style!
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Chiaki007Student General Artist
Очень круто)
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This sentence is as wrong as you can go with just three words.

In Russian some verbs require logical continuation. For example, in English you can say 'Jesus saves', but in Russian to sound normal you have to say 'Jesus saves you', or 'Jesus saves humankind', or more common 'Salvation is in Jesus'.

The adjective 'fighting' or 'war' is used in a relatively limited number of word combinations and contexts like 'war machine' or 'war elephant', etc. 'War pioneer' sounds rather silly.

Finally, the tense is wrong. In poster art the wording cannot be indefinite like 'somebody does whatever', it has to be directed at the viewer. Try googling 'Soviet posters' for reference.

I mean, really, your character on the poster is not even looking at me!
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Ну, есть еще "боевая подруга". Но вы абсолютно правы - по-русски так не говорят и не пишут. Даже в шутку. Звучит нелепо.
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"Боевая пионерка защищает"? вроде всё написано правильно, не пойму где ошибка
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Это звучит нелепо, по-русски так не говорят и не пишут.
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well sorry, my Russian is as BAD as it can go. Asked a Russian colleague about that and it made sense to him. Gonna have to have a talk with him :D
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I actually registered to say that I don't know what he's talking about. Grammatically it's flawless, because there are no verbs that require continuation grammatically. If someone asks you "What are you doing?" ("Что ты делаешь?", "Что делаешь?"), you can just say "Eating" ("Ем") and it will grammatically correct. "War pioneer" may sounds silly for only reason - there were no war pioneers (it's like war scout). And finally there is no incorrect way to put words in the sentence in russian (я иду гулять, иду я гулять, гулять иду я).  No direction has to be implied grammatically, but it may have been done different for posters. 

And I honestly don't think that you need to recreate all details to make a poster look close to soviet, I think style looks pretty much alike.
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The poster art is a precursor to advertising. It has to be target at the audience, otherwise there is no point.

Finally, don't generalize the language. There are obviously multiple ways to say the same thing, and you can change placement of words to some extent, but there are guidelines. They are not as strict, as in English, but they exist.

For example, nobody says "иду я гулять". This just sounds awkward. The original text has the same problem: it looks strange.
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No worries, my French is hardly any better.
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It's really awsome. The style is really classy. And I like the subtle lens distorsion. Great work.
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NakimonStudent General Artist
I'm getting so cold looking at this pic. Such a great atmosphere!!! I love everything about it!
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Awesome! May I ask what does it say? I don´t read russian....
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"Fighting Scout (Russian Super Komrad Girl name) Defends!" :3
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Cool! Thanks!
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But it's some google Russian. I'll need to work on that. :)
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