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Hey! I’m trying to get in touch with you about this piece - can you contact next to discuss use? :)
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THIS is my idea of She-ra.

Simply perfect, and you maded her looks a real, beautiful, girl.
The best.
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Flawless man... respect!!
She Ra must be a GREAT cougar by now...  HAHA :D
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I have no idea how this magnificent piece of She-Ra art did not end up favorited by me much sooner, but tonight I thought I'd remedy that by faving it and saying how awesome, amazing, and totally cool this image is! One of my favorite cartoon characters of all time, and you've done her justice and made her look quite formidable in the process. Great work! :D Thanks for painting something so fantastic.
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So fierce, beautiful and strong. Oh goodness, you do her such justice.
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That style is unreal! Very nice work!
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I often run across your work over the web while checking out Motu designs etc. It's great to have a trace back to the artist. Your work is fantastic. I sketch out Motu stuff, but when I see this stuff, I think. What's the point? ;) again. great work. all of it!
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This is simply some of the most beautiful fanart of She-Ra that I have ever seen, hands down. WOW...
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Now that looks like He-Man's sister!!
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Love the lighting on this and She Ra is a total babe!
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Fantastic artwork. I love how you create such movement, depth and realism - but do it with some very 'rough' looking brush strokes. I think your composition and the way you use high contrast values to draw the viewer's eye is second to none! bravo
I love these. Great work.
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one of my favorites of all time
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I love how her dress laces up at the back :)
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Amazing! Wait for more She-ra
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She-Ra is power -- the power of love.
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