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September 29, 2016
And then came the Saiyans by AldgerRelpa is well composed and very intense.
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Suggested by longlovevegeta
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And then came the Saiyans

* no SUPER yet. Thanks for the reminder. 
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Goddammit Nappa... Beautiful art btw

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Yep, this right here is hot Hot

my favourite of Vegeta. I love love love the face, it's just soo well interpretated! Congratulations!

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OUTSTANDING. Vegeta looks very cool.
This is the coolest thing ever!
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This is absolutly stunning. You can really see the regality and arrogance in Vegeta's face.
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woooow! this is REAL artwork
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what's to keep me and my bottle of wine from favoring all your photos? NOTHING 
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This looks amazing! Love the angle and Vegeta's expression! 
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Super équipe
Imaginez après le film DBS Broly, la nouvelle équipe Vegeta Goku Broly
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That imperious stare, though. The Prince is not amused. This art is phenomenal. Masterfully done.
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They're not even on this planet for five minutes, and already they've decided it deserves to die like the wuss it is.
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WOOOOOOOOOOW!! :love: ^^ Great! :clap:
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You're gonna be mad if you're find that someone is using this image wihout giving you credits or wihout  ask? Just asking because i've seen this somewhere. :)
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that vegeta look damn!
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Looking for artist and writers for a comic book story idea for kick starter also your art looks great do you do commission
Very awesome RL DBZ art. 
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This is amazing *_*
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