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Published: February 16, 2015
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Sometimes really unusual or strange ships can be good
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According to Anti-Twili's personal opinion, the story-line of"Twilight Princess" would be made sense if only either one of these two is an full-fledged villian just like Holli Would from "Cool World" (an movie which at least had more plot points than this train-wreck of the game) but only as an hate-sink type and is the enemy to the other in the beginning to dead for real in the end like one so some would say 'good riddance'; an villain so selfish, heartless, sadistic, deceitful, cowardly and conniving that would willingly betray her own people and sell her own country to evil forces, leaving them all for dead to save her own wretched hide, also laughing her head off as she gleefully thrilled herself watching world around her burn and coated in blood, plus motivated the survivors who now grown to hate/mistrust her and form the revolution against her! In fact, since my sister called herself 'Anti-Twili' because she despises the entire Twili Tribe (not just Zant) so much that she only see in them as been born nothing but a bunch of savage thuggish mindlessly murderous Dark Spawn who have no right to use the word "beauty" and the Bulblins are from the same tribe/world so that's explains they can enter and exit the veil of shadows freely unlike the people of Hyrule who felt like once going into Shelob's Lair there's no coming out. 
Why Zelda? In case for those who dislike Zelda, you must know this Zelda is just like Queen Azshara (from "Warcraft"); she is a spineless push-over who carries around a sword just for showing-off, and when becoming 'Ganon's Puppet Zelda' she looks more like a sixth-ranger traitor whose beauty is bad, which kind of of explain why she still look clean/unharmed rather than dirty with blood from severely untreated bruises and cuts on her body, and still is clothed in the beautiful silk dress and jewelry throughout the entire game rather than ended up in nothing but a bikini-like set of brown path-work moth-eaten rags since she become a actual prisoner. Since being a '', she makes no effort of trying to be actual possessed victim just like the Deadites from "Evil Dead", which normally would help lead her straight to the increasingly gory mayhem and a sense of crude ugliness, and Nintendo was to fucking lazy and stupid to actually portraying her corrupted looks as that of a hideous ghoul. It seems that she is more a manipulative bitch in the sheep's clothing, a smug snake orcus on her throne, a ax-crazy tattooed crook, a spoiled-sweet narcissist, a psychopathic woman-child and a 
dirty cowardly hate-sink with a villainous breakdown, and less a all-loving hero/heartbroken bad-ass with beauty equals goodness and heroic sacrifice. Plus since 'her crimes' were implied to be unforgivable which mean she actually sold her own country to the invaders, the people would have no longer love and trust her, now for form a rebellion against her, just like in "The War Of The Ancients" where the Night Elves no longer love/trust their own Queen Azshara since she purposely feeding them to the horde of ravenously hungry demons called the Burning Legion. It could make perfect sense if "Twilight Princess" is the only game would portray Princess Zelda as one of the four main villains via more accurate why she is officially a main boss; next to Ganon, Zant and King Bulblin.  
Why Midna? Anti-Twili personally chose Midna as the hate-sink because this character was neither kidnapped nor rescued, she wasn't even got hit by the arrow nor being held in the same tower as Zelda, whom she purposely resents and called an 'criminal', and whom she would have ordered Link to kill as his first task she offering him before the hunting for the Fused Shadows will be his next task. Anti-Twili strongly suspects Midna to be actually Azula so it explains why she look way too happy to be anybody's victim. 
As for the four Light Spirits, they're just like that stupid rooster from "Looney Tunes", and one real reason why Hyrule is easily overrun and why the Spirit Springs can't harm the Bulblins like acid, it's all because the Spirits betrayed its good people to invaders (plus seriously deadly only to Midna) and even betrayed Princess Zelda to Zant, whom by the fact is actually Radovid V The Stern from "The Witcher" games and at same time he's also King Bulblin.
I'm sorry but the game itself whose story-line had mind-raped my sister 12 years ago.
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RiallesCry|Student Digital Artist
Se ven hermosas ;×;
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Title idea: new OTP 
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Ooooo a MidnaxZelda I can see this happening and I ship it
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PilloTheStar|Professional General Artist
Look at me.



Link is MINE.


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That's a ship I never expected to see...
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Sanny-Sanary|Hobbyist General Artist
uh~ I like this pairing ;) Nice!
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looks pretty awesome looking! great work! keep it up!
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finex666|Hobbyist Artist
love the pose and expression ^___
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Wow. This is sumptuous. 
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Shiro-san12|Hobbyist Writer
Title: Kuss misch
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Robynthebobbin|Hobbyist General Artist
I really love this picture. the colours are amazing and the detail is extraordinary.
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DeathstarCocktail|Hobbyist Digital Artist

100% on board. 

Apart from that, that is a hand is gorgeously executed and the interaction between the two figures is very believable.  The ornate bits of Zelda's outfit are very well rendered, as are the folds in Midna's robes.  Really nice work. 
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'Best couple' there is your title ;P
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How's this for a title: "You Don't Deserve Him".

Seriously, for the titular character throughout this beloved franchise, you'd think Zelda would show some damn gratitude to the guy who saves her royal ass!  I mean, she never even so much as KISSES Link as thanks for all his hard work, braving dungeons and monsters and finally whuppin' ol Pig-Face or whoever crawls out of Hyrule's woodwork to cause trouble.  Even Princess Peach is willing to thank Mario and give him a kiss!

And if you want to talk about how ungrateful she is, just look at the ending to "Ocarina of Time".  Without so much as a smooch, what does she do?  She sends Link's ass back through time so he's a little kid again!  Damn it, Zelda!

And while I'm at it, she supposedly bares the Triforce of Wisdom, right?  Don't you think, after the very first time that Hyrule fell to the forces of evil, you'd think she'd use her "wisdom" to, oh I don't know, boost the damn defenses of her kingdom to not let this kind of crap happen again?!  Triforce of "Wisdom", my ass!  Hell, in "Twilight Princess", she just lays down her arms and let's Zant abduct her and take over her kingdom!  What the hell?!  Of course, granted, if she did make it so some evil jerk couldn't take over Hyrule, we wouldn't have much of a game series, but still!

So, Zelda, the next time Ganon or some other bozo knocks at your door, don't come crying to me for help, you dim-witted, useless, back-stabbing, ungrateful bitch!  You're on your own!
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Are those the rules now? If someone saves your life, you have to bone them? Please.
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Link doesn't even get so much as a hint of "thank you" from this ungrateful princess, who pretty much lets her kingdom fall to whichever minion of evil shows up at her royal front door (Twilight Princess...'nuff said. ), and does absolutely squat as said minion pretty much turns her kingdom into a total monster-filled Hell.  I don't care if she went around in the persona of Sheik in "Ocarina of Time" teaching Link songs that warped him to the different temples.  You know what would have been better?  How about killing the jerk who took over her kingdom?!

And as far as "bone them" goes...I wasn't about to go THAT far.  Why did you?
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TropFroid|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zelda is not the one who is supposed to kiss. 
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( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
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EpicMusicSoul|Student Artisan Crafter
Wow it looks so good o.o
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O//u//O   O-oh my.....:blush:
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