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A simple collection of my art as I slowly hone my abilities...


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United States
Hello ^^ You can call me Aldedron

I'm a twenty-two-year-old full-time student native to the Puget Sound region. Been drawing since forever, but it's only been in the past four years that I started actually focusing on improving my skills, so my art isn't all that great yet. Nonetheless! I'm always looking to improve and shall continue to admire countless artists here on dA for their outstanding skill and imagination.

Favorite mediums
My Go-To: A cheap .5 HB mechanical pencil, Prismacolor pencils F-9B, tortillons, and a variety of sketchbooks (up to six at a time, all different sizes and papers).
Color: Blick colored pencils or Prismacolor markers, plus Faber Castell pens and markers for outlines.
Digital: Primarily Adobe Photoshop, occasionally Illustrator.
Photography: I dabble, but it's more an occasionally indulged hobby than anything else...

If you've got critiques or advice on any of my work, I implore you to speak up. I'm self-taught, so input is always helpful.

Fellow deviant and twin sister authorwithissues (who's since changed her name to ziiykhayl) and I are working together to create fandom ornaments this holiday. I generally refer to this activity as a Fandom Christmas, but authorwithissues insists on calling it "Fandom Holidays, nonsecular", so I'll call it that in this journal entry :)

Anyways, we're working pretty hard to make these ornaments a reality. The year we started this, my family was celebrating the nonsecular winter solistice holiday on the 22nd, so I'd intended to post a photo of our holiday lucky bamboo plant around then, bedecked in fandom ornaments lol, except that, although we did indeed decorate the lucky bamboo, the photo never happened, soooo.... Luckily for everyone (read: no one, but whatever) who was eager for that photo, however, it has finally occured! See the bottom of this journal entry for it.

There will be ornaments drawn by myself and authorwithissues, obviously, but I'm hoping to recruit my mother, big sister, and father, as well. This upcoming nonsecular holiday (a.k.a. Christmas 2015), I will have amassed enough ornaments to decorate the actual nonsecular holiday tree and post a picture of that, instead.

Ornament fandoms so far:
By me: Star Wars, Alien, Darker than BLACK, Naruto, V for Vendetta, Final Fantasy VII, X-Men, Marvel, DC, Jigoku Shoujo, Hitman, Deus Ex
By ziiykhayl: Doctor Who, Firefly, Thor, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars, Sleepy Hollow.

Below are the ornaments I've created and posted so far. All are sketched initially with a .5 mechanical HB pencil before being summarily outlined using Sakura and/or Prismacolor pens. Most are colored with Blick colored pencils, although a few use Prismacolor markers, Copic markers, or Sharpie. Sizes vary, but in general the ornaments are anywhere between one and five inches tall. Upon coloring and cutting them out, I laminate them, punch a tiny hole in the designated area, and then thread it through with a simple solid-tone ribbon of two varieties of thickness.

Ziiykhayl's ornaments also receive a preliminary sketch in .5 mechanical HB before being outlined in Sakura and/or Prismacolor pens. She then cuts them out and pastes them on Rockstar-themed scrapbook paper of varying colorful themes. Sizes are a consistent two inches tall, give or take a few centimeters. The ornaments are then laminated, hole-punched, and threaded with a simple solid-tone ribbon of one variety of thickness. Unfortunately, she's only posted one of her ornaments, available only on Tumblr (link provided below), for you all to view and appreciate.

Star Wars

Darth Talon:    Asajj Ventress:       Aayla Secura:             Satele Shan:
Darth Talon Ornament by Aldedron   Ventress Ornament by Aldedron          Aayla Ornament by Aldedron      Satele Shan Ornament by Aldedron

Ziiykhayl's Obi-Wan Kenobi: N/A


Ellen Ripley:
Ripley Ornament by Aldedron

Darker than BLACK

Hei & Yin:
Hei and Yin Ornament by Aldedron

V for Vendetta

V Ornament by Aldedron

Darker than BLACK, Naruto, V for Vendetta

Black Reaper mask, Tobi mask, Guy Fawkes mask:
Fandom Mask Ornaments by Aldedron

Doctor Who

10th Doctor (only available on Tumblr):…


River Tam: N/A

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Ziiykhayl's Data and Tasha Yar: N/A

Final Fantasy VII

Elena, Tseng, and Vincent Valentine:
Elena, Tseng, and Vincent Ornaments by Aldedron


Black Widow:                       Mystique:
Black Widow Ornament by Aldedron Mystique Ornament by Aldedron


Raven:                Joker & Harley Quinn:    Poison Ivy
Raven Ornament by Aldedron Joker and Harley Quinn Ornament by AldedronPoison Ivy Ornament by Aldedron

Ziiykayl's Lady Loki: N/A

Hell Girl

Enma Ai:
Enma Ai Ornament by Aldedron

Sleepy Hollow

Ziiykhayl's Abby Mills: N/A


Agent 47:
Agent 47 Ornament by Aldedron

Deus Ex

Adam Jensen:
Adam Jensen Ornament by Aldedron

(I realize it's entirely my fault, but there is an overabundance of assassins on our nonsecular holiday tree. You've got Asajj, Talon, Hei, Hei's mask, Tobi's mask, three Turks, Agent 47, Mystique, and Black Widow. That's, like, half the ornaments! Plus we still absolutely must make some Assassin's Creed ornaments, and Hawkeye, Jason Bourne, Gamora and Nebula, Itachi, the Winter Soldier, and, frankly, probably a half-bajillion other assassin character ornaments. We sure have a violent tree :confused: Ah well. It's got character, at least :shrug: )

The fandomized lucky bamboo
Holiday Lucky Bamboo by Aldedron

  • Listening to: Linkin Park
  • Reading: Lineage II by ruth baulding


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