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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Zootopia Vignettes: Roomates, Doom-mates Pg 3

Judy confirmed for Smash Mouse fangirl.

Almost three months huh? Wowie, I didn’t mean for this to happen, that Weezer album cover just took so long to draw I couldn’t draw for a while due to other commitments, and I didn’t just want to half-ass pages just to get them out (so yeah, this is unfortunately whole-assed). Page 4 is half-way there, just cleaning up roughs and planning text placements; still no definite time on when it’ll be out.

Also speaking of Weezer, I went to a Weezer concert a few days ago and holy shit it was so goddamn amazing ajskgajshdl;jkghalg I’m still coming off of the high of seeing them live 

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