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Why haven't he called? - Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

 It had been a long day for her…

 Judy opened her apartment’s door to get in and then slam it shut. She couldn’t believe she had been again all day at the ZPD station filling files and doing other kinds of paperwork. It had been a while since her last case and she was starting to suspect Bogo had something to do with that. Anyway… she needed to talk to someone, sharing her problems always made her feel better. She grabbed her phone, and was about to dial home when she realized that she didn’t feel like calling her parents. She couldn´t face them in that particular moment, they had that strange ability of making all her problems to look worse and then be happy about it. She didn’t need to talk to them, she needed to talk to Nick. She looked at the alarm-clock on her desk -8:37 PM-. <<I’ll be getting a text form him any time soon>> She thought.

As minutes went by, she started to get more and more anxious. <<Why hasn’t he send me a message?>> <<Did something happened?>> <<Is he mad about something?>> those and another hundred questions came to Judy’s mind while she stared at her cellphone’s lock screen. “No new messages”, she read the status again and again in disbelief. She had never waited this long before. It had always amazed her how he usually managed to text her at the very moment she arrived from work, that made this situation even more astounding for her.  She looked at the clock -10:07 PM-. She decided to put some music and made dinner as she waited.

-Hey bunny! Haven’t we talked about the depressing music?!- The voice came out from the other side of the wall. –Leave her alone, Pronk! She isn’t chatting as usual, maybe she had a fight with his boyfriend-. The life-intruding reply form Bucky, her neighbor, came back as she turned off the radio. Despite she had been living in Zootopia for almost half a year now, she hadn’t got accustomed to the fact of having no privacy. This was the kind of things she missed most about Bunnyburrow, that and the fresh air in the morning’s breeze.

 After the music disappeared, her neighbors started to yield at each other -Shut up! -  -No! you shut up- […] but that didn’t call Judy’s attention, after all they somehow manage to be fighting almost every moment. She was trapped in her thoughts, thinking about that red fox who had become so important to her in so little time. Thinking about how he surely had the capacity of joking about her problems at work and making her laugh about them. She couldn´t stand it any more.

 -That’s enough, I’m gonna text him- She whispered without noticing she had actually said that out loud. –Good for you!- Bucky’s voice sounded through the wall. She didn’t even care about his gossipy neighbor. She reached for her phone and opened Nick’s chat.     


I decided to submit this in B&W since I have no time to colour it right now. Maybe I´ll colour it someday, but since I'm not sure if I'll have time to work on this any time soon I preferred to upload it like this. I hope you like it anyway Nick - Icon.

BTW I uploaded Nick's point of view earlier this week, here it's the link:…

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