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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Hola, este es un comic que hice hace muchisimo tiempo, incluso mucho antes de hacer Misssing Her, sólo que no lo había publicado hasta ahora, dado que no habrá cap de MH esta semana, espero que les guste, si alguién desea hacer la traducción  al inglés, es libre de hacerla, gracias y nos vemos xD.


Nick: Hey, Is this thing recording yet?  Ok. 


Judy: Nick?


Nick: Hey Carrots.  You know? I truly love that face you make when something surprises you, and I hope to be watching it the very moment you listen to this. Just don´t hit me, would you? 

You’re really amazing.  You gave a 180º turn to my life, the moment you made me help you with the case, and just look at me now, I'm a cop just like you.  Thank you for putting you faith in me Fluff. 

Well this recording isn't only to thank you, though.  There's something I really need to tell you, so listen carefully.  I love you, Judy.   Surprised?  Ha-ha.  Don't just stay there. Now is when you should kiss me, you dumb bunny.  Alright, time to go.  The mission will start in 3 hours so I’ll see you tomorrow or today, whatever.


Judy: You dumb fox... You should... least be here...


Translation by: @ miguelcool2000 tumblr

Gracias a aquellos que estuvieron haciendo aproximados de la traducción xD 

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