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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
New years eve, the day when memories and melancholy make their way thru everyone's head, and Nick Wilde is no exception.



Hi, how are you this year 2017? In this ocassion and for the first time in the year, I bring you this little comic with a new year theme, I know it's been a week but uff really is difficult to colored, I hope it is not so bad (quq). And well this is my form to thank you for your support and in the last months of year 2016, they are gentle guys. Although they do not believe it, I read all their comments about my work, they make me blush and motivate me to keep improving on digital drawing and comics. I hope you wil very happy in this new year. I love you guys.  And here I will continue to share with you the crazy world that exists in my head and do not hesitate to send me a message if you want me to support you in something. I also want to especially thanks  to pedrustr2085 ,zweifelzerfressen , ClaudyLoudy  nekoshappiness33 @spintherallfan @zehati and MIGUELCOOL2000 for their support, they are great guys, even if I do not know them, I really love reading their messages. And that's it, see you later.

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