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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
I'm Proud of Ya'...Partner
"You did good Nick. I'm proud of ya'...Partner."

[insert cheesy goo here] I am a dummy! Love 

Expect more of these two because I'm definitely what you call a "dynamic trash shipper". See, I'm all for the differing personalities and the odd body shapes and unlikely hetero pairs...idk what it is...maybe because I need a boyfriend or maybe because this ship is just adorable because its a fox and a, someone bring the cutepopsicles to me, it's hot outside! (I know, that was lame...stahp throwin' you bananas!!)

So, this was inspired by the movie Zootopia...I know my fan art is like really late...sheesh...annnny how~

Me and a few of my watchers watched Zootopia throughout the livestream and it was a blast to spend time with you guys, loads of laughs and fun. I'm thinking about trying to have a movie night every week or so, not specifically on a Friday, but I want to watch a movie while I draw or just the movie itself XD 

Anyhow, had fun, can't wait till next time! 

P.S. I'm shipping trash QWQ and you know what!!!


Yeah I'm proud about it XD

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