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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Traditionally drawn sketches (Wildehopps-inter.s)
So my computer is acting up on me....So I had to draw this on paper D: HAHAH IT WAS HHHOOORRRIIIBBLLEE! Cry forever ...but was lovely excited happy  !!

BUT...there are mistakes here which I CANNOT fix...mistakes I CAN SEE..but cannot do anything about XD hahaha

I really hope my computer gets fixed during next week!...In the mean time...enjoy MY MESSY traditionally drawn art!

Nr 1: OMG I dont even know XD hahahah I just felt like drawing something random...since I was so upset about my tablet and..shit..

2: Maxton and Nicholas. Max Midnight is my OC from my comic "Inter Schminter" ...Go to my gallery if yah want to read it..its got its own folder ^^ - I just wanted to draw these to guys togheter..ima do it again once my tablet is back and working as it should be!

3: Max random faces XD HAHAHA OMG OH WELL

Hope you like it!


Stop  please do not steal or use this or my character MAXTON MIDNIGHT (he is my my own character -OC-) nick and judy belongs to Disney.

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