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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
[COMMISSION] If you're hurting, so am I
A commission for :iconpixiestickers:

An art to illustrate her wonderfull fanfiction, If You're Hunrting, So Am I (part 3 of her awesome serie A Different Goal). If you don't have read those, you really miss some of the bests Zootopia's fanfiction... Correct that immediatly, and stop viewing this picture : you're losing a precious time you could allow to better things (like READ THESE DAMN FANFICTIONS !).

Seriously, when Pixie contacts me to draw something for her, i was in dumb mode... So happy, so proud, so freaking excited. A Different Goal was the FIRST fanfiction of Zootopia I've read... And I was in heaven. It's still my personal favourite, and it will certainly not change. 

Link to the Different Goal saga :…

Go support this great author, and read, leave kudos, comments, everything : she deserves it like A LOT ! Thank you !

And thank YOU, Pixie, to trust me on this, and allow me to draw something so sweet between those two... Even if this chapter was so hard to read (at least in the first part). Damn... THE FEELS... 

Judy Hopps - Icon 

Well, if you want me to draw something for you, just follow this link : Commissions are now OPEN

The faces of Nick and Judy was inspired by  :iconthewinterbunny: work. 

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