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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
The Savage- Zootopia/Walking Dead Crossover
So I was watching Zootopia last night, as it's on netflix, and I got to the point where the lab-badger was talking to the lion about how it only seems to be predators that are going savage, and they need to warn the people, and I also thought back to when the panther goes nuts, and how it almost seems like it's the otter that did it to him as the otter was savage when he attacked the panther and then the panther went savage... And I started thinking 'hey, it's almost like trying to stop a zombie outbreak'. Then I got this image in my head of the entire show in the Walking Dead universe... So I kinda went with that.

I put Nick in Daryl's clothes, because they're both the mysterious, ass hole, brooding character with the secret heart of cold, and Judy in Rick's cloths, as he was a sherif and she is a cop. I also changed the city in the background a bit to look a bit more similar to the well know walking dead image of Rick riding towards a destroyed Atlanta on horseback.

Anyway, it wasn't meant to be anything serious, just fun. :) I might do some more of these with some of the other cast XD We'll see.

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