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Stars And Paw Rubs - COMMISSION
My Tumblr: TheWinterBunny

Musical Theme / Inspiration for this piece: Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast: 1000 Years

Judy mesmerised by the stars, and Nick mesmerised by Judy. *Whimsical sigh* Judy - (Crying) Icon 

Ya'll don't know how deeply I adore this couple. My eternal OTP. 
Fite me. 

Here's the finished piece for LagardeRhoade :iconlagarderhoade: ! Thank you so much for commissioning me for such a wonderful, tender moment between Nick and Judy, and thank you even more for trusting me to produce so special a moment from your fanfic! It is an absolute honour to do so. HerTherapy PLZ Heart 

For those curious as to what chapter this scene is from, I suggest you take a look for yourself! See if I did his beautiful writing justice.
The Pursuit, Chapter 3.4 - Pushing Boundaries
June 14th, Tuesday Night – Bunnyburrow
    True to his joking fears, Nick had to practically carry Judy back toward the burrow by the end of the evening. She had gone easier on the drinks after they had danced, but things had escalated with each new glass. The alcohol had caught up with both of them after they had decided to sit out the last few dances of the night and drink while watching the other mammals enjoy themselves. Though a few dark glares were still cast their way, the majority of those at the party were finally starting to pointedly ignore Judy and Nick, which was fine by them.
    Nick had tried to approach the topic of Judy’s comments and the awkward moments the night before, but she had made it pretty blunt that she had no intention of talking about either. She wanted to have fun and he was along for the ride.
    Normally, that would have been ideal for Nick. A lovely thing at his side and no

Nick and Judy © Disney Heart
Art © to me and LagardeRhoade

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