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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
TWHC XVII: Entropic Breakthrough
(Aaarrrgh, no posting my stuff without my PERMISSION!!!)

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Crap, sorry this page took so damn long.  The wait was due to an annoying episode of writer's block.  For a week I had no idea what to do with this page, but alas (!), I managed to prevail, and here is the victorious result!  Finally, the start of a new chapter, PROGRESS PEOPLE, PROGRESS!!

I guess rabbit feet really are lucky, as Judy is really fortunate to have that bear miss her eye (or we'd have Pirate Eyepatch Hopps)!  My sadistic mind really wanted to see a page where Judy was going around with all this blood running down her face; but fear not, she's a tough bunny for real!  Thus, finally allowing me to smash through the writer's block in the end. 

See, this is what makes comics so hard as an individual artist: I have to contend with the potential for both writer's AND artist's block, possibly at the same time!  Luckily, it was only the writing issue, which for me, is easier to overcome than artist's block (thank you Judy's lucky rabbit feet!).  Let the TWHC train continue to roll!

...y'all be cool!

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