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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Thank You !
Just a little art to celebrate the fact that I got 1000 followers on my tumblr today (and i reach 600 watchers on Deviantart this week). 
I really don't know what to say... A couple of months before, I was a totally unknown artist (you can see that i'm on DA since 10 years or something like that). And, it happens that I fell in love with Zootopia, and that I'm not the only one. Since I have the opportunity to share my passion with some drawings, I finally met a lot of people that liked it too, and was lenients enough to find something interessant in my arts. 
Since, i'm in heaven, and I've never been so productive in my artistic life, in all ways : drawing, writing... It's a real pleasure, all days. And seeing that you like what i'm doing is just... I don't even have words. Except those : THANK YOU.
Thank you for your interest, your kindness, your advices, your presence. Thank you.

(I've decided to train my miserables coloring skills for the occasion... And now you see why I never try it, and I just do black and white ^^). 

With all my love !


PS : Zootopia's community is THE FUCKING BEST !

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