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:iconalda61:alda61 posted a status
Zootopia fan-fic 6: 3 Bunnies and 1 Fox
Well its that time again to release a new Zootopia fanfiction......sorry for the long wait(talk about being a month or two) D:
Special thanks to Pace2n9tMaker for allowing me to post my version on dA as not to start any conflict.
And I duly apologise for the short chapter........
Anyways, +fav and comments are appreciated.

Sidenote: 'Nashorn' is the German word for rhinoceros.
'Eh bro why do you use that name? You already have McHorn in the force.'
'I know but I ran out of ideas for new names.....'

Next chapter: Zootopia fan-fic 6: 3 Bunnies and 1 Fox

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