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Fourteen Days
"It's my husband. He's been missing for fourteen days. His name is Emmitt Otterton."

Finally broken by the ZPD's inaction in finding her husband, Mrs. Otterton turns to Judy Hopps, the new private investigator in Zootopia.

"You're here because the ZPD isn't doing anything, I am guessing" Judy asked, turning to hand the fresh cup of coffee to the otter. Mrs. Otterton carefully accepted the cup, wary of the heat. She shook her head.

"They aren't" the otter replied, using the cup to warm her paws before taking a sip. It can get chilly in the mornings in Downtown Zootopia, and this otter had showed up as early as it gets. Judy went to take her seat at the other side of the desk.

"Well, Mrs. Otterton," Judy said, scooting closer to the desk with her chair. "...A private investigator's services isn't on the cheap side, I am afraid" she said, keeping her facade up. Inside, her heart broke a little bit, having to bring it up.

"I know" Mrs. Otterton nodded. She had come prepared and reached for her purse. She pulled out a wad of cash and placed it on the desk on front of Judy. Judy frowned a little and sighed with sympathy.

"Ma'am, this would barely cover a week's worth of services, if even that. I cannot guarantee I-" Judy said while Mrs. Otterton withdrew her paw from the wad and rested it on the coffee cup, and Judy's heart broke a little bit more, now noticing the lack of any wedding ring on her paws. A wad of cash. As if from a pawnshop. Quickly and roughly estimating the amount of cash, Judy further realizes that the wedding ring wasn't the only thing that must've been sacrificed.

"I know it's not a whole lot, but could you at least work for as long as the money lasts? You must be able to come up with something," the otter frowned, nervously clasping the coffee cup. Judy held up the wad of cash, observing it for a moment. "Maybe at least-" Mrs. Otterton started to speak again before Judy interrupted her.

"I'll find him"

Mrs. Otterton shone up, hesitantly. "You will?"

Judy placed the wad back on the desk, nodding. "I'll find Emmitt"

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